Hair care: Easy childrens hair cuts you can maintain at home

There are easy children’s haircuts that you can maintain at home. Follow these guidelines for simple, inexpensive ways to maintain these hair cuts.

Children’s haircuts at salons can be expensive, even more expensive if you have more than one child. There are easy haircuts that can be maintained at home. Follow these simple guidelines to keep these easy styles maintained at home.

Make sure that you have sharp scissors to be able to cut straight and precise lines. You do not need to spend a lot of money on a pair of scissors. They do not even have to be haircutting scissors. Many times a small pair of sewing scissors will work great. The important part is that they fit comfortably with you hand size.

You can purchase a plastic drape for cutting hair quite inexpensively. If you do not have this, a towel will work fine. Children will sit still longer if the hair does not fall on their skin making them itch.

All haircuts work best if hair is shampooed, conditioned, towel dried until damp and detangled.

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Hair care: Easy childrens hair cuts you can maintain at home

A hairstyle that is easily maintained for a female child is long hair. While hair is still wet, part in down the middle at the top of the head, starting at the crown and ending at the forehead. Comb the back of the hair that has not been parted straight and even. Trim a straight line at the bottom of the hair one half to one inch. Most hair can be cut in one thickness all along the bottom of the hair. If the child has very long hair, make a part approximately three inches or half way up the back of the head horizontally across the back of the head. Pin the top and the sides that have been parted in top of the head with bobby pins or clips. Comb the back of the hair that is not pinned up straight and even. Then trim a straight line at the bottom of the hair one half to one inch. Unclip or bobby pin the rest of the hair. Comb out straight. Start at the back middle of the hair, comb it evenly with the cut portion of hair and cut to the length of bottom section of hair already cut. Continue around to one side of the head. The side can be cut to be the same length or can be tapered up to be a little bit shorter at the front of the head by the chin. Go back to the middle of the head and repeat on the other side. Next, face the child and pull both sides of the hair down at the same time with both hands at the same speed. This is an easy way to measure and make sure that both sides are the same length. Adjust length of hair with scissors if necessary.

A bang can be added to the front of long hair for a variation of the long hair look. Make sure hair is damp. Decide how much bang you want and make a horizontal part at the top of the forehead. One half inch would be the most that you would want to have. Remember that less is more when cutting bangs. About one fourth inch to one third inch is usually enough. Use the outside of the eyes as a marker. Don’t go passed the outside of the eye for bangs. Comb down hair in front of eyes. It will help to have the child shut her eyes for this. A good rule of thumb is to cut the hair in a straight line at the eyebrows. You can always shorten bangs more if needed. Many children have cowlicks which make the hair shorter when dry. If the child has a sever cowlick, some people like to cut the hair dry instead of wet so they can see how the cowlick will change the length of the hair when dry.

Another simple hairstyle to maintain at home is a layered cut. There are two ways to accomplish this very easily. One way is to comb the wet hair straight up to the top of the head and make a straight cut across the top of the head. If the hair is long the cut can be six to twelve inches above the scalp. When the hair is let go and falls, it will make a perfect layered haircut. This can also be accomplished by having the child bend over until the hair on the head is hanging vertical from the head. This cut is most easily accomplished with the person cutting the hair sitting on the floor and the child standing. Comb the hair evenly and make a straight cut as you would if cutting the hair combed to the top of the head. This works best with older children as they can bend over and hold still much more easily. When the child stands back up straight, they will have a perfect layered cut. This type of cut is very easy for how good it looks.

The bowl cut is another way to maintain a child’s haircut at home. Comb damp hair out. From the crown to the front, comb the top hair to the front, fanning out to the sides by the ears. Comb the back hair from the crown back, evenly at the back of the head. Imagine a bowl tipped upside down on the head, the center of the bowl at the crown of the head so that one side of the bowl is close to the forehead and the other side of the bowl is at the back of the neck. Cut around the outside of the imaginary bowl all around the head starting in the middle back and working around to the front middle bang area. Then go to the back again and cut to around on the other side in the same manner. Try to cut the same amount of hair off of both sides. If it is not even, you can even it out by looking at it and trimming any part that does not match its corresponding side. This simple cut works best with children that do not have very thick hair.

Children’s hair styles can be maintained at home. Every four to six weeks trim the hair. If you take your child for one of these cuts at a salon first, the style can be maintained at home. It is always helpful to watch the stylist while they are cutting hair.

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