Hair and beauty: Easy, do it yourself ways to curl your hair (without irons)

A guide to creating beautiful curls and waves in your hair without using a curling iron for shoulder length and long hair

Curling irons can create fabulous styles for your shoulder length or long hair, but as with any heat source they can damage your hair. What can you do to create lush curls and fabulous waves without using a hot iron? Lots! Even if your hair is curl resistant you can add spirals and curls to your locks that are sure to stay in all day and night!

Preparing your hair for getting curly is a key step. You will want to start by putting a styling product into your just washed hair and combing it through. Choose a product that is for body and hold! Whatever your preference, be it gel or mousse, just make sure the product is for hold, body and manageability. Once the product is combed through you will want to let your hair dry* to “damp”. NEVER start with soaking wet hair or the results will take forever and your hair may not dry completely and when you get your great look, it could flop pretty fast!

Hair fashion Hair style dos and dont for blonde highlights 300x300 Hair and beauty: Easy, do it yourself ways to curl your hair (without irons)

Hair and beauty: Easy, do it yourself ways to curl your hair (without irons)

You will need handy for most of these techniques small elastics, medium elastics, scrunchies and bobby pins.
Spiral Curls

Start by parting your hair down the middle and making small sections out on each side – depending on how thick your hair is and how small and tight you want the spirals. You should be able to get at LEAST 6 smaller sections on each side of your middle part to get a nice full head of spiral curls! Start in the front of your hair and take a section and begin to twist it around. Continue twisting until your hair starts to become taut and tight. Twirl your spun hair section up until it reaches the top of your head. It should look like a little knot of hair at this point. Secure with a medium size elastic band, and use a bobby pin to secure it to your head if you have very long hair and your knot of hair is not manageable. Continue to do this to the other sections of your hair until you have 12 or more knots of twisted and spun hair on your head. After your hair is completely dry* remove each pin and elastic, let each section out, and you will have beautiful spiral curls. DO NOT COMB THROUGH THE HAIR, use your fingers to style and finish with your favorite spray. Combing your new curls will cause your hair to be a huge frizzy mess!

Wavy Curls

Part your hair down the middle and on each side of the center part make 2-3 sections of hair. Braid each section of hair and secure at bottom with small elastic. After you have your 4-6 braids, wrap each braid up into a knot on top of your head. Secure with a bobby pin and allow to dry*. Undo the knots and braids, and you will have great wavy curls. You can use a large comb or pick, but finger styling is best. Finish with spray.


A VERY simple way to create subtle waves in your hair is to simply pull it back into a scrunchie while it is damp and twist the ponytail into a medium-tight scrunched bun. Allow to dry* and let your new wavy hair down and style as usual. Finish with spray.

For more intense waves, part hair down center and section sides off into 2-3 smaller sections. Braid each section, secure with small elastic and allow to dry. When you undo the braids, you will have wonderful shiny waves. Style and finish with spray.

Tighter Curls

Using rollers (either Velcro or the pink foam kind) roll your hair in the size roller that is closest to the size curl you desire. Make sure you always use combed out sections of hair, otherwise your hair may tangle up when you are removing your rollers. When using the pink foam style rollers, make sure your hair is only slightly damp when rolling; otherwise the foam in the rollers will keep your hair wet longer and keep you from obtaining your curls.

*Drying Your Hair

Drying your hair is the key to keeping a good strong curl! Always allow enough time for your hair to dry completely before removing it from whatever knot, braid or curler you have it in. If you can, sit in the sun to let your hair dry, if not, you can use a blow dryer or of course, just let it air dry, or even sleep with your hair all rolled up or braided.

The longer you keep your hair rolled, the better your curl will be and the longer it will last.

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