Fun reading activities for kids

Making a sign book is a fun and educational reading activity for kids.

Reading is an essential skill for every child to learn. Having a book they made themselves is a great way to help emerging and beginning readers get excited about the reading process. Pointing out to your child that being able to read signs will help them get to places they want to go, will show them that there are different kinds of reading. Reading signs is different from reading a storybook, yet both are important.

Every time your child goes somewhere with you on a walk or in the car you are bound to find signs that tell you something. If he is very observant he may at times ask you what they say. However, you can make a learning game out of those signs by asking him first. Next time you are going someplace with him take along your camera. Tell him that you are going to make a special book of the pictures you take of all the signs you find. If you have a Polaroid camera you will have the snapshots right away, but if you need to have them developed before you can glue them into the book of signs, then you will have to extend this activity over a period of time. No matter which way it works out, your child will soon be aware of the special messages on the signs you photograph.

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Fun reading activities for kids

After he has pasted each picture on a separate page in the book, sit down with him and let him tell you what the signs mean. Most of them will tell him what he can or can’t do or direct him in some way. Stop signs, street signs, No Turn On Red signs, Walk signs, IN and OUT or EXIT signs, pictures of a woman and of a man on rest room doors with words underneath are all fairly easy to understand and may be some of the first words your child learns to read by himself. However, some signs may not be so obvious to him and you may have to help him learn what they mean. Adding additional signs to The Sign Book as his reading skills improve, can keep the game current for a long time. This will give him even more practice in using his observation skills as well as increase his reading vocabulary. If you want to write down what he tells you each sign says and means, go ahead. His words on the page can be a great way to motivate him to be interested in learning to read even more words, or at least, to learn the names of the letters.


  • A camera
  • Construction paper
  • Glue
  • A pen or marker
  • A stapler


1. Tell your child that you want him to help you make a book about signs.

2. Ask him to help you look for signs on the street and in stores and stop to take their pictures as you find them.

3. When all the pictures have been developed have your preschooler glue each one to a separate piece of paper.

4. Use a blank page for a cover and help him print the words “The Sign Book” on it.

5. Sit down with him to talk about each sign, naming it and discussing what it means.

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