Fun for kids: How to blow bubble gum bubbles

Instructions with how to blow bubble gum bubbles.

When you first try to learn to blow bubble gum bubbles, your tongue may not quite cooperate. But don’t give up. Blowing bubble gum bubbles is like any other trick you have learned. At first it seems downright impossible but after a little practice you’ll be blowing bubbles without even thinking about it.

To blow the perfect bubble gum bubble you’ll need a few supplies. The most obvious item you need is the gum. But don’t settle for just any gum. You will want to find the perfect gum for your tongue. Some gums are not good gum for bubbles even in the mouth of a pro. Other gums may be great for one blower and lousy for another.

Do not try to learn how to blow bubbles with chewing gum. There’s a reason it’s called chewing gum. You will not be successful at bubble blowing if you’re starting off with chewing gum. Choose a flavor of bubble gum that you can tolerate for a while. Learning to blow bubbles is going to take lots of practice.
Experiment with different brands of gum as well. Try gums that come in sticks. Then try a gum that comes in a fat little packet. Search for a gum that doesn’t get too hard quickly. Once the gum gets hard, you’ll need to switch to a fresh piece. So have plenty of gum on hand.

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Fun for kids: How to blow bubble gum bubbles

You’ll also need to have a mirror. The best mirror is probably the one in your bathroom. Or you can practice in the car using the mirror on the car visor. Hand-held mirrors will require too much effort to hold. It may sound silly but you’ll want all of your energy available to get your tongue moving in the right way.

Now that you’ve got your supplies, let’s blow bubbles.

Put the gum in your mouth and chew it until much of the sugary coating is gone. You will want the gum to lose its grittiness. When the gum has a nice, smooth texture, you’re ready to start blowing.

Chew the gum into a compact little piece. You’ll want to start with an oblong shape. Chew the gum between your front teeth and then move the gum to the front of your tongue. Keep your lips closed and stick out your tongue. You’ll actually be sticking your tongue into the gum and out your mouth. Watch the mirror to be sure that you don’t open your mouth until your tongue pushes its way out. When you see your tongue it should be wrapped in a film of gum.

When you have your tongue out pretty far (don’t try to stick it out all the way) quickly pull your tongue back into your mouth at the same time that you blow air out your mouth and into the gum. Blow as if you’re blowing up a balloon. Don’t blow too hard yet or you’ll pop your bubble.

When you run out of air or when your bubble feels pretty tight, bring your lips together and seal the air into the bubble. If you want to keep the bubble gum off your face and lips, suck the bubble back into your mouth and chew the bubble. You’ll get a nice “pop”.

Once your bubbles are coming fairly easily, try different gums to find your best bubble gum brand. You can also try more challenging bubbles. Try to blow two bubbles side by side. Can you blow a bubble inside a bubble? Can you blow a reverse bubble inside your mouth? With practice you’ll be blowing the best bubbles in town.

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