Fun hair styles: How to do neat-looking pony tails

Wearing your hair in a pony tail shows that you are ready for anything, but also demonstrates your knack for good taste, elegance, and beauty.

While pony tails are often the easiest and most convenient way for us to keep our hair away from our faces and off our necks, they are not always the most attractive. Every one can tell the difference between a girl who has spent time blow drying her hair smooth and straight or took the time to tame her curls to a perfected spiral and a girl who just threw her head forward and tied her hair up in an elastic. So the problem becomes how do we remain comfortable while steering clear of that “work out look?” The answer: we spruce up our pony tails to a professional and sleek look that no one can dispute.

Before I go on to explain how these easy and beautiful hair styles can be yours, I would like to start by saying that our hair is an essential and important part of our head and therefore we must always respect it and be gentle with it. Wearing pony tails every day for long periods of time causes the locks to break and eventually leads to thinning hair. Therefore, wear pony tails in moderation and when you do wear them, use elastics that have a soft coating. These hair ties help to decrease strands breaking and also feel healthier and more comfortable in the hair.
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If you’re looking for the easiest way to pull off a clean, fresh and smooth, pony tail, always remember to start with dry hair. Pony tails that are done while the hair is still wet have a tendency to become frizzy at the hair lines. This usually happens once you have already completed the getting ready process, leaving you stranded, on the go with no where to fix or smooth these fly aways.

Once the hair is dry, there are many different things you can do with your pony tail to make it look more sophisticated and less hurried.

Instead of a pony tail that pulls the hair straight off the forehead and back, try parting your hair in the middle first. This creates the illusion that the hair is actually down. Smooth the sides and pull the hair together for a low ponytail just at the bottom of your hair line in the back. Your hair will still be away from your face and out of your way, but it will also give a misleading frame around your face and help you to stay away from that tight drawn back look.

Another effortless trick to making pony tails looked polished and refined is to separate the hair into sections. Beginning with your hair divided where you usually part it, take a piece from each side and brush them back towards the middle. Secure one piece from each side in a small elastic. Each time you take a section of hair, make sure that the section you previously tied is incorporated into the elastic. By the end of your pony tail, you will have a neat, pulled back look, with a train of elastics down the back of your head. This look shows off your professional and creative touch. You can spice this look up with colored hair ties or stay simple with classic black.

For those with longer hair, pony tails can be a fun and imaginative way to express yourselves. Start out with pigtails the way you wore them when you were in grade school. Take the pigtails and combine them in the back for a more grown up pony. This combines the youthful spirit of a child with the matured and proficient tidiness of an adult.

Pony tails are an enjoyable and artistic way to express one’s style and sense of fashion. Any combination of pony tails can be collected into one pony in the back to give off the impression of someone that means business, but still likes to have fun, with her hair. Wearing your hair in a pony tail shows that you are ready for anything, but also demonstrates your knack for good taste, elegance, and beauty.

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