Fun hair styles: How to do neat-looking pony tails

This article gives detailed instructions for styling a neat ponytail, as well as advice for types of holders to choose, and some variations on the style.

Ponytails are common in women (and men!) with longer hair. A neat ponytail makes a nice hairstyle. A ratty one makes the wearer look like trailer trash. It is not difficult to style a neat ponytail, but it does take a mirror, a hairbrush, a comb and a bit of patience.

First, brush the hair thoroughly. Make certain all the tangles have been removed and the hair is smooth all over. If the wearer parts the hair, it should be parted neatly and brushed out again.

Next, brush the hair back smoothly on both sides of the head. Grasp the tail of hair with one hand, close to the nape of the neck, and wrap the ponytail holder around the hair with the other, close to the head.

Check the hair in the mirror. Smooth down any stray strands or “bumps” in the hair. If necessary, pull out the holder, re-brush the hair and try again.
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When the hair is smooth all over and the ponytail fixed comfortably, divide the tail of hair into two strands and pull them at opposite angles. This brings the ponytail wrap closer and tighter to the head, making the style more secure.
If bangs are worn, brush or style them as usual. Brush the ponytail itself. To keep the style neat, It may be necessary to take the hair down, re-brush and do it over.

These are the basics for a neat ponytail, but some other factors may be considered. First, wearing a ponytail frequently can cause hair breakage where the wrap constricts the hair. This can be avoided by wearing “scrunchies” made of cloth or another soft material that covers the elastic band. Rubber band wraps should be avoided if at all possible, since these are very damaging to the hair. Men can wear clear silicone bands that slide easily out of the hair, rather than the metal-joined bands often seen in stores.

Second, there are some ponytail variations that give some variety to the look. One way is to make the ponytail, then loop the tail of hair through the rest of the hair, above the holder, next to the head, and allowing the end to fall free. This creates a “twist” look that is attractive.

A modified bun can also be made from a ponytail, by twisting the tail of hair and wrapping it around the holder, tucking the free ends into the holder. Or, a bun can also be made by making the free ends of the hair into a tail, then twisting them and coiling them at the base of the neck, securing the coil with a holder (preferably of the “scrunchie” type) around the coils. If a girl wants her hair completely off her neck, either of these options will work. These bun options work best when the hair is of medium-length. Very long hair will make the coils too heavy.

Ponytails are great hairstyles and can go from formal, with an ornate holder, to the very casual. They are wonderful on hot days when long hair can be uncomfortable. They are also convenient when the wearer is working on something and doesn’t want hair in the project. With a little patience, anyone can style hair into a neat, smooth ponytail.

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