Floral do it yourself: How to make a flower wedding arch

Add a personalized touch to a wedding by creating a handmade flower wedding arch.

Making a flower wedding arch can be a simple project, if you follow these steps.

To start out, you need to have a budget in mind with how much of your decorating money is allotted to extras such as a wedding arch. Once you decide how much you can spend, then you need to brainstorm on how you would like the archway to look.

Are you having an indoor or outdoor wedding? You will want to tailor the archway to where it will be placed. Are you looking for a spectacular floral array or do you prefer simple elegance? Do you want lights on the archway or do you feel that less is more?

Once you’ve ascertained your picture of the perfect flower archway, it’s time to get into action. Visit your local craft store and you’ll find archways that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. You will need to decide if you want the pre-assembled archway, which is usually not higher than 6-feet or if you’re opting for the 8-foot archway, which you need to assemble. The boxed sets of the assemble yourself archways sometimes include white lights that are hooked along the outside (or inside) of the poles. These boxed sets run anywhere from $20 – $40. They are very easy to assemble.
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After you decide which archway to purchase, you will need to decide what type of silk floral arrangements you will be using. What are the colors in your wedding? Do you have a theme, which your flowers might be able to coordinate with? Do you want to have greenery attached to the archway? Ivy adds a nice touch.

Whether you choose, a 9-foot ivy garland, magnolia, sweet pea, hyacinth or jasmine, you will then need to think about how to attach all of the silk flowers to the archway, to appear as natural looking as possible.

You will need to purchase floral arrangement wire, which is usually green. Now this wire is what you use to wrap around the silk flower stem when you’re trying to arrange a few flowers together. This wire holds the stems tightly together and then you can utilize green floral tape, which is wrapped over the wire to cover it and give the stem an illusion of reality. A nice idea is to bunch flowers together, maybe some hyacinth, and use ribbon to secure them to the outside middle sections on both sides of the archway.

If you want to use the lights, you should add them as a final touch on the underside of the archway. Also when attaching the flowers and ribbons, be careful not to have the flowers and ribbons attached from one end of the archway to the other (unless you are decorating the archway when the whole archway is assembled). The 8-foot archway is rather tall and is the size of most ceilings. If you’re assembling the archway prior to being set up in your church (or outside), you’ll have to decorate the archway in three sections; the top arch, and the two sidepieces. If you are assembling the archway at the site prior to the ceremony (and you won’t have to disassemble the archway to fit into your car for transport to the ceremony), then decorating is easier because the archway can be in one piece, you’ll just have to utilize a step ladder for the 8-foot arch.

You will be using tulle (and there are a variety of colors to use) to help cover up the empty spaces along the archway poles. You can decide to leave the tulle secured on the top and hanging loosely along the sides. Another option is to cut about an 8-foot section of the tulle and start at the beginning curve to the archway and tie the end of the tulle in a knot around the first rung of the side. Some archways will not have a lot of rungs (like a ladder); however, if you purchase the boxed archway to assemble, with the lights included, you will have rungs along the side to deal with. They are there obviously to support the archway, though they also are used if you decide to add the lights (which are clipped along the rungs, almost in a lace/web like pattern of lights).

Once the tulle is hung along the archway and attached by tying the fabric along each rung as you go, you can begin work on strategically placing your floral arrangements. You may want to have a few ivy garlands and maybe even some floral garlands to be draped along the length of the archway. You can attach these at various points along the rungs, using the floral wire. The tulle should help to hide some of the wire, but if it is still noticeable, you can try to hang ribbons or bows on the strategic areas where the wire is located.

Feel free to add more flowers, even single pieces that are not attached to any garland. Just remember that your archway should be a reflection of your wedding theme and how much or little you are decorating. If you are going for the flashier look, go to town in decorating your archway and make sure you have a lot of color accenting your greenery. If you are opting for more of a simple, but elegant look, then just utilize some white tulle and drape it along the archway in a loose manner and add a little greenery and some splashes of color.

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