Fashion tips: When and where are sandals appropriate

This guide will help you understand the fashion rules of sandals, where, when, which kind of sandal, and the dreaded socks with sandals topic.

Sandals are always appropriate for women whether casual, formal, or in between. Guys aren’t so lucky though. Guys can wear them with casual attire but there is only one circumstance where they are acceptable for a formal affair, a wedding on the beach with a light colored linen suit. Sandals are never appropriate with a tux or a dark colored suit.

Sandals are tricky when it comes to business attire. Flip flops are never, absolutely never appropriate for an office environment. Women may wear nice sandals to work. However men have only one sandal option for work. During the summer a pair of nice leather sandals can be appropriate. Those expensive, Italian, designer leather sandals for men are the only ones that would be appropriate for business attire. A good less expensive knock off is fine too. As long as they look like dress shoes but with open toe, open heel, or both.

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Fashion tips: When and where are sandals appropriate

Flip flops are the ultimate casual sandal. There are high end sandals in a flip flop style that work with dress up affairs. These are made of nice materials, not plastic and foam. It’s the plastic and foam flip flops that are only appropriate for causal wear such as a trip to the beach or grocery store. The best way to figure out if a sandal is appropriate for an outfit is by the materials. If the sandals are shiny satin like, leather, or high heeled it should work for a dressy affair. If they are foam, plastic, or canvas they are for casual wear.
No matter when you wear sandals you must keep your feet clean and your toenails groomed! No one wants to see or smell hygienically unkempt feet. Make sure to wash your feet in the shower. Definitely trim your toenails and clean them too. Most nail clippers will have an attachment, which is perfect for getting dirt out of nails. Use some kind of foot powder or even a talcum powder on your feet. This will keep your feet dry, which will prevent blisters from wearing sandals and keep your feet smelling pleasant. If you really want to get them looking good take care of your cuticles. There’s a simple tool called an orange stick for pushing back the cuticles to a nice round shape. If you don’t want to groom your toenails yourself then get a pedicure. It’s also a nice treat for your feet.

There is a widespread debate about whether it is appropriate to wear socks with sandals. If you are a fashionista then it’s never appropriate. If you are a regular person just looking for comfort then you may be able to get away with it. The only way it is acceptable is if you are wearing full length pants and the socks are anything other than white. White socks with dark sandals look extremely tacky. Even worse is to wear that with shorts. Black socks with black sandals are your best bet. Also, don’t wear dirty, worn out, frumpy socks with sandals. Remember, everyone can see your socks. As a general rule it’s best to just avoid wearing socks with sandals, but if you follow the advice above you should be able to get away with it.

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