Fashion tips: When (and when not) to wear pantyhose

While pantyhose are a wonderful invention, created to serve many purposes within the world of women’s fashion, there are times deemed appropriate to wear them

While pantyhose are a wonderful invention, created to serve many purposes within the world of women’s fashion, there are times deemed appropriate to wear them and other times when they should be avoided. The first thing a woman must take into consideration when wearing pantyhose is the static factor. No matter how suitable it is to be wearing stockings, it is never appropriate to have your pants stuck to your legs or your skirt bunched up in a ball of static cling. To avoid this fashion mishap, there are two very simple and easy precautions to take. The first is to wipe down the pantyhose with a dryer sheet before putting them on. The static will stick to the dryer sheet and keep your skirt from sticking to you. If that doesn’t work and you’re facing a serious case of static electricity, try squirting hair spray on the stockings. It dries quickly and is not sticky on nylon material. This will absorb the static before it has a chance to attach to your clothes.

Once you have ensured that you won’t be wearing stockings full of static, you can move on to being able to judge when and where to wear them. Of course pantyhose are not only appropriate, but encouraged in the winter months. It would seem absurd to let your naked legs go out in the snow without warmth or protection or to slip into a pair of winter flats with bare feet. However, stockings are also acceptable in the spring and fall and even sometimes in the hot summer.

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When (and when not) to wear pantyhose

Deciding when it is fitting to wear pantyhose, not only depends on the weather outside, but also the climate of the place you are headed, the event itself, and the attire you are planning to wear. For instance, while it may be hot on some day in mid July, you could be headed to a dinner party in an air conditioned restaurant. For this dressy occasion you want to guarantee the perfect temperature while projecting style and grace. Wearing a pair of thin, off black nylons demonstrates your awareness of comfort and also fashion.

In most cases, aim to avoid wearing nylons with open toe shoes. However, if you are planning to wear those sexy pumps or your pair of sophisticated black strap-overs, be sure to buy the nylons labeled “invisibly reinforced toe.” This will hide the embarrassing stocking seams while providing your pantyhose with the strength they need to protect you and your toes from rips, runs, and holes.

To change up the old, boring routine of wearing plain brown, tan, or nude stockings with everything, spruce up an outfit or two with color coordinated pantyhose. Today you can pick up almost any shade or print of stockings at the store and exhibit a trendy yet unique image with your creative pantyhose fashion sense. However, be careful when wearing stockings with colors or a motif that you don’t overdue the volume. There is nothing worse than an outfit that is too busy for the eyes to focus on. Keep your outfit simple to accentuate the pizzazz of your stockings or keep your stockings simple to emphasize the zest of your ensemble.

Stockings project a sheer, classy, and sophisticated look while still providing warmth, comfort, and shelter for your legs. Pantyhose can be justified in almost any situation. They look great under a slinky skirt or a smart, tasteful work suit and feel cozy and snug under dress slacks or khakis. As long as you avoid wearing pantyhose with workout shorts or flip flops, you really can’t go wrong.

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