Fashion ideas: How to design your own jewelry and find a jeweler to make it

How to design your own jewelry, then find the jeweler who can make and set it for you.
There is no better way to show off your personal style than with jewelry. Unlike other material goods, jewelry can last forever and be used as a family heirloom. If you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry for yourself or a loved one, or can’t find what you’re looking for in jewelry stores, designing your own jewelry might be the answer. Most people are confused when it comes to custom-made jewelry, but creating your own spectacular piece is easier than it sounds.

Finding the Right Look

After deciding whether you want a ring, pendant, earrings, or bracelet, it is time to look for a style. If you are not sure what kind of style you are looking for, go to a jewelry store and browse. When you see a piece of jewelry that you like, make a note of the style and what you like about it. If you come across a piece you don’t like, think about how you might change it to make it look better.

Choosing a Design to Make

How to design your own jewelry and find a jeweler to make it 300x266 Fashion ideas: How to design your own jewelry and find a jeweler to make it

How to design your own jewelry and find a jeweler to make it

Cut out pictures of jewelry from circulars and magazines. After looking at your favorite designs a few times, you will be able to pinpoint the reasons why you like your selections. Write up a list of your preferences.

1. Gemstone – If you don’t know the names of your preferred gemstones, write down the exact color. For example, “dark purple transparent stone”.

2. Cut – There are many gemstone cuts (shapes) including brilliant cut, princess cut, emerald cut, and marquise cut. If you are unsure of the name, draw your preferred cut instead.

3. Stone Size – In carat weight or diameter, write down the size of the gemstones you want in your custom piece. A salesperson at a jewelry store can help you with this.

4. Metal – Gold, silver, and platinum are names of metals. If you can’t decide on a metal, write down your preferred color.

5. Size – This is the size of the actual, finished jewelry. Think in terms of height, width and/or diameter.

6. Complete Design – Describe in writing or draw your preferred design. For example, write, “Diamond ring with one carat princess-cut diamond in the center with three .20 carat round sapphires on each side of the diamond”. If you can find a picture of something similar to your design, it will help your jeweler visualize the piece

Finding the Materials

You can purchase gemstones and settings from a jeweler or dealer, but finding some materials on your own can save money. The best place to start is in your own jewelry box. Look through old pieces that you don’t wear anymore. You will be surprised at all the things that you can do with your old jewelry.

Not only are the stones on old jewelry useful, but the heads can be used, as well. The head is the piece that holds the stone in place on some jewelry, especially rings. Take all of your old jewelry to the jeweler, and see what he or she can use.

Finding the Jeweler

Jewelers are everywhere these days, and many of them do custom work. Look in a phone book and call around, and ask your friends to talk to their jewelers. Sometimes, you may have to go out of town, or even out of state to get to a jeweler who will make your jewelry. When you find a good jeweler, be patient – it may take several weeks to make the setting.

Also, many jewelry stores hold special events throughout the year, called “remount” or “restyle” shows, where reputable jewelers from all over the country bring in hundreds of mountings and gemstones to choose from. Call retail jewelry stores, and even jewelry departments in department stores, and ask about having jewelry made. Make an appointment, if possible.

When you go to the remount event, you may see that there are settings that look similar to your design. Whenever possible, choose an already-made setting. In most cases, it is less expensive than having a new setting made. Plus, they will be able to set the stones for you, while you wait. If you opt to go with your design, just as with a jeweler, it may take several weeks to make your design.

Your Jewelry, Your Masterpiece

There are many reasons why creating your own jewelry is such an experience. It makes use out of old jewelry, and adds value and sentiment to your new piece. Even if your new setting was purchased from a jeweler, most of the settings sold are unique. It makes your custom jewelry more special than buying jewelry straight out of a showcase. While it does take some work and patience, your completed piece will be a new treasure, something that future generations will enjoy.

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