Fashion and glamour photography: Great results at home

Don’t spend a fortune at glamour photo shops at the mall. Floow these guidelines and create your own glamorous photos.
You’ve seen the portraits. You’ve probably even seen the “before and after” shots. A frumpy housewife with dull hair and drab skin, wearing boring clothing enters one of those fashion photo studios that have sprung up in malls all around the country. After spending a little time and a whole lot of money, she emerges looking like a cover girl on a fashion model. She also looks ten years younger and twenty pounds lighter. And she positively glows.

Don’t spend your hard earned money on these fashion photo shoot studios. By following a few of these fashion and make-up guidelines, you can enjoy comparable before and after shots as well. To start, you’ll need a camera–preferably a 35 mm camera with 200 speed film. Aside from borrowing a couple of slinky outfits–or buying them at your local thrift store for a nominal fee–you’ll need hair and make-up products and some decent lighting.

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Fashion and glamour photography: Great results at home

If there isn’t a room in your home with good natural light, consider having your photos taken outside on a clear day. There isn’t quite anything like natural light to flatter ones hair and skin tones. Choose a place that won’t detract from your photo. A picture in front of an amazing garden might have observers straining to see the variety of flowers growing there, rather than you–the model.
Now, let’s get down to business and use a few techniques that are familiar to professional models and photographers.

Since your smile is the most observed part of your features (I’ll bet you thought it would be something else!) start with ensuring that your smile is bright and white. Today’s selection of tooth whiteners and whitening toothpastes are easy to use and fairly inexpensive. Try out a product or two and get your teeth as white as possible. If your teeth tend to be on the yellow side, don’t use lipsticks in the peach or orange color schemes. Opt instead for red or a wine color. The blue undertones in these reds will offset any tooth yellowing and will make teeth appear whiter. In addition to brightening your teeth, condition your lips. Brush them gently with a soft toothbrush and petroleum jelly. This will remove dead skin and promote the growth of healthy new skin.

Most folks immediately wash and dry their hair before a photo shoot. This isn’t recommended! In fact, hair that was washed and dried the day before tends to cooperate better for the camera. Freshly washed and dried hair promotes “flyaways” and the result of “flyaways” in photos is hair that looks messy.

Don’t overdo make-up for glamour and fashion photos. Wear what you might normally wear for a special evening out. Too much make-up will attract attention to the make-up and not your facial features. There are, however, a few tricks of the trade to camouflage any facial features not deemed your very best.

If you think your nose is too wide or too short, create a diversion line. Using concealer a shade lighter than your foundation, draw a straight line down the center of your nose. Blend carefully. This will create the illusion of a longer, straighter, and more narrow nose.

If you think your cheeks are too full, create high cheekbones. Use a bronzer or a blush that is a shade darker than what you normally wear. Highlight the tops of cheekbones in this color and fill in with your regular colored blush.

If lips are too thin or uneven, create perfect lips with a lip pencil. Draw around the lips with a shade that is lighter than or the same as your lipstick. Fill in with lipcolor. Dab a bit of clear lip gloss on your bottom lip to create a full look.

A thin line of blue eyeliner will create the illusion of whiter, brighter eyes. Blend carefully, however, because smudges cause the opposite effect.

Fashion tips:

A monochromatic color scheme with sparse accent colors are perfect for photography. Again, you don’t want to detract from the physical features in the picture. Don’t be overpowered by your outfit. Basic black has long been a top choice for good quality photographs. Highlight with a colored scarf or piece of accent jewelry. Black or monochromatic dressing is very slimming, too.

Have fun using these tips. Getting ready for a photo shoot is half the fun. And once you see your glamorous new look, you may just decide to enjoy a night out on the town.

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