Fashion & Beauty tips: Ways to hide having one larger breast

How to hide one uneven sizes, where one breast is larger than the other.

If you have one breast that is larger than the other, you likely would prefer to hide that fact. There are many ways that you can do so, no matter what you’re wearing.

First of all, almost all women have slightly different breast sizes. The left is usually a little bigger than the right. No one’s really sure why that is, but it’s very common. If your difference is very slight (less than a cup size), it’s unlikely that anyone would really notice. If you’re worried because you don’t think it’s true for other women – it is, and it’s not a flaw that needs to be fixed unless you really want to, or unless the difference is really noticeable.

The easiest way to fix it is to use a partially padded bra. You can buy bras that have a small cushion tucked inside them, meant to enhance your overall size. Get the bra that fits your larger breast when the cushion is not tucked inside, and keep the cushion only on the smaller side – remove it from the side where your larger breast is. This will give you a more even look. This method is the best to use when you’re wearing a bikini. You can usually buy bikinis with underwire, padded tops. Remove the padding from the one side, and no one will ever know the difference. It’s also not likely to come out while you’re swimming.

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Fashion & Beauty tips: Ways to hide having one larger breast

Instead of buying a padded bra, you could also use tissues or something else soft to stuff into your bra on the smaller side. Many women use this technique. Simply be careful that you don’t let the tissue get rumpled or worse, wet. Don’t use this technique if you’re going swimming, or even might get in the water. Too many horror stories have been told.

Other women like to use what are called “falsies,” which are bra inserts to increase your size. A slang term for them is “chicken breasts,” because they look just like raw chicken breasts. Even professional models use these. They can even out your size, and you can even wear them with some bikinis. Be careful, however, that they don’t slip out – so if you do wear them with a bikini, think underwire. Or at least more coverage than a “triangle top” affords.

If you don’t want to use any method of stuffing, you can simply try wearing a sports bra, or other bra that generally minimizes what you have. These bras are intended to be functional, not fashionable, and can “mash” your breasts some. The size difference will be less noticeable in one of this type of bras.

If the differences between your breasts are really noticeable, you may consider seeing a cosmetic surgeon. He can either reduce the size of the larger breast, or put a small implant in the smaller breast, so that they are even. This, however, is an expensive and entirely cosmetic surgery. Insurance won’t cover it and of course there’s recovery. This is not recommended unless there is a HUGE difference in size, or if you are truly bothered by it. For the most part, falsies will take care of any difference whenever you’re dressed.

A few women also use shaped “cup” bras that have no back and no straps, which were originally intended for strapless, backless dresses. It is probably possible to get these in slightly different sizes, so that the difference is minimized or eliminated.

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