Fashion: All About Von Dutch Hats

Von Dutch, designer hats and clothing, is a growing part of designer fashion trend and can be seen almost anywhere on almost everyone.

The Von Dutch clothing company started in 1999. The ever-popular Von Dutch hats could be seen on celebrities as a tribute to the “laid-back” lifestyle. Soon after, the craze quickly grew when pop-culture embraced the trend and bought up Von Dutch hats and clothing as fast as they could be produced.

Von Dutch is actually California native Kenny Howard. Howard revolutionized the pin striping of motorcycles in the 1950’s and became famous for his artwork. While painting, creating one of a kind metal artwork, and even building cars from scratch, Howard went by the name Von Dutch. In 1958 Howard quit the pin-striping business to customize vehicles across the country with his extraordinary work. Von Dutch made all decisions about how his projects would turn out. Customers did not advise him as to what they wanted; paying only by the amount of time they wanted Von Dutch to work on their vehicles.

In 1999 the Von Dutch clothing company was started and the trendy hats gained immediate popularity. The hats are made of a wide variety of materials such as denim, leather, velvet, terrycloth, and faux fur. Each hat is adorned with a Von Dutch logo in an assortment of shapes including the oval, the outline of America, and a double-patch.

Von+Dutch+logo Fashion: All About Von Dutch Hats
For each design, only 1,000 hats are sold. This marketing tactic ensures high demand for the hats, as they become rare. The hats range in price depending on where they are purchased and how rare the style is. Styles worn by celebrities are more popular in demand as fans often spend top dollar to get the same look as their favorite star.

Now that you are educated in the origin of Von Dutch and the unique hats it is time to choose which style is best for you. One of the great aspects of the trend is that they can be worn in a multiplicity of ways with a variety of looks. Because Von Dutch hats are associated with truckers, they are worn tilted to one side. However, this is not to say that the traditional approach does not look equally as fashionable.

When choosing a Von Dutch style it is important to take into account your sense of personal style, what outfits you plan to wear it with, and how much you plan to spend. If money is an issue, and these hats can get expensive, go for a style with a basic color pattern. By choosing colors such as black or white, or going with the color you wear most often, you will be able to wear your hat with many different outfit combinations.

Von Dutch hats can be worn almost anywhere for any kind of event. They can be seen at the park, the mall, they can even be spotted in nightlife hotspots. There is no limit to the places they can be worn because of the variety of fabrics used in making them. A terrycloth hat looks best when out relaxing or spending time at the beach. The leather and faux fur hats can give you an edgy look when going out for a night on the town. The denim hats give you the laid back look when paired with your favorite jeans.

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