Falling Pregnant: Reducing Stress

Reducing stress may aid fertility and help increase libido. Psychological pressures can affect the fertility of both partners. In the worst case scenario for women, it can prevent ovulation occurring; in men it can affect sperm production, cause premature ejaculation and impotence. More commonly it reduces you and your partner’s desire to have sex and may therefore mean you make love rarely or not at all during your brief fertile time.

Different people have different stresses and no single method of stress reduction works for everyone. Here are a few simple tips that may be of use.
p stress Falling Pregnant: Reducing Stress
Get some exercise
The hormones released when we feel stressed were originally intended to help us get extra energy to escape from predators like sabre toothed tigers. Now instead of running through the jungle we have to remain in our office chairs. Exercise can literally burn them up. It doesn’t have to be as vigorous as running from a man eating tiger, half an hour of brisk walking will do it!

Get some personal space
However many pressures, unfinished tasks and other demands you have, make sure you put aside some time each week just for you. Read a novel, watch a movie, go to the art gallery – or just lie on the couch and daydream!

Resolve any outstanding issues
Use problem solving techniques to finally resolve any persisting problems that are really bugging you.

Discuss your concerns with your partner
Talk to your partner about how you are feeling and listen to his concerns. Try to work together to reduce the stress that might be impacting your relationship.

Get enough sleep 
Make sure you get good sleep. Exercise helps here, as does a relaxing pre-bed routine like a warm bath, and of course avoiding caffeine containing beverages in the afternoon – like coffee, tea or cola drinks. Alcohol can get you off to sleep, but it fragments sleep patterns and you’ll find yourself awake in the middle of the night.
falling pregnant Falling Pregnant: Reducing Stress

Learn relaxation techniques
Consider learning breathing exercises, muscle relaxing exercises or taking up meditation. These take a bit of practice, but once learned they can be performed in almost any situation and can help keep you generally relaxed and take the edge off stressful situations.

Identify your most fertile days
Relieve some of the stress of trying to conceive, by taking the guesswork out of identifying your most fertile days. By more accurately identifying your more fertile days, it can take some of the pressure off of you, your partner, and your relationship.

Get your partner to relax
Trying to get pregnant can put real stress on your relationship. Put some fun back into your love life by relaxing with your partner:

Take a bath together – baths can relax your muscles and restore your intimacy at the same time.

Give each other massages – touch is one of the most powerful ways of showing your partner you love them.

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