Fabulous beauty tips: Three glamorous makeover examples

Have you ever wondered what it would take to transform into a glamorous diva? Makeover shows have been popping up everywhere and people are asking for more. The extreme makeover shows, such as The Swan, go to the maximum level and actually perform plastic surgery and personality changes while Ambush Makeovers approaches an unsuspecting participant to do a day of beauty that isn’t as drastic. If you fall between or not even close to these categories, you are probably just curious how glamorous you can get without breaking the bank or doing anything too life altering.

One type of glamorous makeover you could do at home with yourself could be the “Diva”. Think Cher or Liza Minelli. These makeovers are fun because you can choose your favorite diva celebrity or even a supermodel in an ad and with a little research in style magazines or even the web you can transform yourself into your favorite movie star or musician without surgery or a stylist team.

For a glamorous diva look the key elements are heavy, smoky eyes, an abundance of lashes and a whole lot of attitude. First take an eyebrow pencil that matches your eyebrows or a slight bit darker and fill in your brows, taking care to put in a dramatic arch. Next take a dark eye shadow shade and fill in your eyelid and use the edge of the brush to smudge the color under the eye. Finish with a few coats of mascara to complete your sultry smoky eye and don’t forget the false lashes. This glamorous makeover is complete with a flip of the hair and a diva walk.

Another type of glamorous makeover is “Hollywood Glam”. Think of Greta Garbo or Vivian Leah. The lips and the hair are the focus in this transformation.

For the lips think vixen red. Choose a vibrant color that you may never have thought you would wear. A berry or bright red lipstick always looks more sophisticated and elegant. Line the lips so that you go above your natural lip line when you get to the bow of your lips and then fill in with the lipstick. At this point you probably are already thinking you could fool a few friends in to thinking you are making a TV appearance, but the makeup is just the first part of your “Hollywood Glam” makeover.

The fun part about a makeover you do yourself is that it doesn’t have to be permanent like getting your hair dyed platinum or getting a short gamine haircut. The beauty of the wig comes into play. Visit your local beauty supply or wig store armed with pictures of hairstyles or lengths that you have always wanted to try, but never had the courage to take that step. Wigs can be very inexpensive and a lot of fun to experiment with. Any shape, color or length is available and wearing them is easy. Try on the wigs in the store to get an idea if that is the style you want and ask the salesperson about styling tips if needed. For our “Hollywood Glam” look choose a long wig that can be curled with big rollers on the ends or a short wig that is finger waved to emulate the Hollywood starlets of the earliest motion pictures. Complete this makeover with a martini and a sultry pout of the lips.

A fun glamorous makeover that you can do is “Rocker Chic”. Pat Benatar and Gwen Stephani may be sexy women rock stars, but they still are fashion icons and their clothes say it all. The “Rocker Chic” can be done inexpensively and the look is the trend now, so try a few pieces mixed with your own now or go all the way and rock out your look for your glamorous makeover. Vintage stores are the best place to find period piece clothing. Find a t-shirt with a logo or an old pair of worn-out jeans and you’re halfway there to your look. Long scarves and silver jewelry are a must for this look and if you can find a studded belt and work boots, it’s all the better. Take your find home and cut off the sleeves or put random slits in the t-shirt, but be careful not to rip it in places you don’t want the underneath revealed. The jeans can be altered this way as well. A few holes in the knees and a tattered hem are perfect for this look. Add the scarves, belt and even a strand of pearls to add a “Madonna” touch and “Rocker Chic” can be yours.

Simply put a glamorous makeover is within your reach. By using a little imagination and creativity you can transform into the diva of your dreams. Have fun with it, invite friends to join you at a makeover party, take pictures of before and after, give prizes for the most transformed, go for whatever it takes to find the inner glamour girl in you.

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