Event planning lists: Kid and child party checklist

The easiest way to plan a child’s party, with party planning checklist.

Planning a child’s party should be fun, but if you don’t have a good plan and a checklist, it can be a chore.

Step #1- The easiest way to plan a child’s party is pick a theme. Think about your child’s and guest’s ages and interests. Examples: Dress Up Tea Party for girls, Pirate’s Party for boys, or possibly a Circus Theme. Party ideas are everywhere. Your only limitation is your imagination.

Step # 2- Once you have a theme, most decisions are made for you. There will be no question about decorations, what kind of cake, or what activities. Pick these things with your theme in mind. Examples: A Valentine’s Day party- decorate with streamers and balloons, in colors of red, white and pink. Hearts may be prominent. A fishing theme may prompt you to make or order a cake that looks like a lake with boats and fisherman. A Baseball theme could mean taking kids to a ballgame or having them play one for your activity. Pick a color scheme now.
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Step #3- Find a clever idea for an invitation. Your theme may be one in which ready made invitations can be found. For more fun make them. Example- Pirate’s Party-Your invitation looks like a Treasure Chest. A second idea – A map invitation, which gives clues to the time and the party location, would be great for older kids. Decide upon a location, time and party duration. Keep your party short, two hours or less, for very tiny guests. This is a great time to line up babysitters and helpers. Ask a friend to be companion for your other attending children, so you can devote your time to the birthday child.

Step #4- Will bake a cake yourself or order one? For very small kids, you may even substitute cupcakes. What is your theme? A Tea Party requires a fancy cake but cupcakes in little flowerpots for a Gardening theme would be just right. Instructions in cookbooks show how to make cakes in many shapes. Be creative.

Step #5-Decorations and party supplies are available at party stores in most colors and themes. Unusual themes require more searching for decorations, try thrift stores, and garage sales also. Look well ahead of time. Be adventurous and make what you need. An appliance box can become a cottage for a Nursery Rhyme party or a bus for a First Year of School party, or even a Rocket Ship for an Outer Space theme.

Step #6- Plan the food. For little children- keep it simple. Find something to add to your theme. EX-A clown party may feature Ice Cream scoops, with upside-down cones as hats. For a theme about fishing or under the sea, make a blue Jell-O sea with gummy candy fish. Serve Goldfish crackers with a cheese spread, or peanut butter for dipping. Foil wrapped money candy could become Gold Doubloons for your pirate bash. Gummy worms in chocolate cake can be fun for a Gardening Party. Funny names that go with the theme make it special. Chocolate clusters become Cow Patties for the Barnyard gang. Green food for St. Patrick’s and red for Valentine’s parties add to the fun. Use cookie cutters to cut sandwiches or Jell-O into appropriate shapes

Step #7- Order food or the cake at least a week ahead of time, some areas may need more notice.

Step #8- Few activities or games are better for young children, more for older ones. Keep plans appropriate to age and skill. For tiny kids, everyone must win a prize if they are given. Gather all props for activities and games well in advance. Activities should keep to the theme. EX- digging for sunken treasure for Pirates, or dressing up in grown up clothes for the Tea Party. Make your own games up or rename old classics. Activities could actually be going fishing, or bowling.

Step # 9- Buy game’s props, and prizes ahead of time.

Step #10- Work out a party schedule. Divide the length of party into sections. Decide a time to eat, play games, open gifts etc. Have extra planned in case mothers are late, kids dislike an activity, or things go very fast. Be a Boy Scout- Be Prepared.

Step #11- Mail invitations two weeks ahead of time. Follow up with phone calls.

Step # 12- Party Day:

  • Pick up cake and food.
  • Prepare food early in the day.
  • Blow up balloons.
  • Decorate
  • Check supplies.
  • Relax.
  • Welcome guests and enjoy the party.
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