Essential makeup tips: How to create exotic eye looks with eyeshadow and eyeliner

Create contour and shape definition, to make your own exotic looks, with eye shadow and eyeliner.

Mystery Around the Clock

Applying eye shadow and eyeliner is an inexpensive way to add mystery to your every day look. Consider time of day, eye color and wardrobe choice when applying shadow. Use lighter shades for daytime and heavier shades at night. During the day, emphasize your natural beauty by adding transparent glitter shadow to your lids and extending it just below your eyebrows. Invite the question, “Is that glitter or is she just a magical being?” Soften your expression by coating your eyelids with very light pastels. Dot a contrasting color up toward your brow line emphasizing the shape of your eye. Match your outfit and use colors that contrast with your eyes. Light pinks, blues, lavenders and yellows echo spring and summer colors in nature and will give your face a renewed innocence.

How to create exotic eye looks with eyeshadow and eyeliner 300x300 Essential makeup tips: How to create exotic eye looks with eyeshadow and eyeliner

How to create exotic eye looks with eyeshadow and eyeliner

As daytime fades, accent your eyes with two or three contrasting colors. Reapply the light pastel to your lid and brush a dark contrasting color in the crease between your eyelid and face. Use a medium shade above the crease and blend the dark and medium shade with your fingertip or brush until the colors appear to fade naturally into each other. Blending eye shadow has the same effect as blending paint on canvas. You should notice how the blended shadow compliments your eye color, rather than where the dark color ends and the lighter color begins. Draw a dark line under your lower lashes that complements the shadow. Smudge the line slightly so that your eyes are more visible than the line.
Extending the darkest color beyond your eyelid crease to elongate and change the shape of your eye. Extending the darkest line of shadow straight toward your temple will make your eye look larger. Angling the shadow line up toward your eyebrow or down toward your cheekbone will give your eye an oval shape. Feather the dark color and blend it with the medium shade to make your shadow look more natural. You can also use two dark colors in the crease. Layering adds even more definition to your eyes, making them stand out from your face. Follow the same shadow path with both colors or split the two shades angling one toward your eyebrow and one toward your cheekbone. Use a liner in a complementary shade to define your artistic effects. Apply the liner from the middle of your upper and lower lids extending the line past your eye, clarifying the effect of the shadow. Blend the liner into your shadow so it looks natural.

For a dramatic effect, brush a sparkling, opaque white, cream, gray or silver shade between your eyes and the bridge of your nose. Blend this lightest shade with the medium and the dark color. Let the three colors remain distinct, but blur the edges so they appear to melt into each other. The contrast between your eyes, the darkest color and the very light shade will create drama. Contrasting shades will make your eyes prominent.

Create a continuous accent by lining your eyes with shadow. Rub the tip of your applicator in the shadow until it collects thickly on the tip. Draw a line beginning underneath your eye and extending toward your temple. Blend this line with the other, dark line extending from your eyelid crease. Lining your eye with shadow creates a continuous accent of color. To deepen the shade, add a few drops of water to create a paste. Slightly wet shadow is a wonderful alternative to eyeliner.

Your face is your artist’s palate. Create illusion and drama by highlighting the natural beauty of your own features. Select colors that complement your eye color and your outfit. As the late afternoon sun surrenders to evening, lengthen your shadow lines and deepen the colors.

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