Emerging Technologies of 2013

em1 Emerging Technologies of 2013Are you interested in new emerging technologies of 2013? Do you want to get the latest news regarding the promising inventions of 2013? So this blog will discuss the 10 most popular amazing emerging technologies of 2013.

Technologies on earth

The world gets globalized, every day there is need of new inventions. Science is getting popular scientist are engaged in new amazing innovations in order to bring comfort in a person’s life. The World Economic Forum has identified the top 10 endowed technologies in 2013 whose aim is to bring happiness, comfort and placate in the life of people over the globe.

List of the top ten innovations is given below:

3-D printing: 3-D printing offers the modernized development of virtual models into hard copies made from metal alloys, plastics and many more. Companies who offer this amazing product are Statasys, Hewlett Packard and Organovo Holdings.

Electronics and technologies

Carbon Dioxide Conversions: CO2 conversion provides the facility of converting waste CO2 in to useful liquid fuels or chemicals. The output product can be used as fuel for airplanes. Panasonic efforts are notable in CO2 conversions.

Energy Efficient Water Purification: water corporations used this technology for 100 percent clear accessibility of water for local people.

Nuclear waste recycling: world is getting nuclearized, so researchers have develop new methods of recycling nuclear waste for some healthy purposes.

Online Electric Motors: 2013 provides you the gift of electric cars. Electric motor with electric engine with 20 % of battery capacity provides you the best mileage coverage.

Organic Electronics: organic electronics are used to create new electronic circuits and devices at cheap rates.

Precise Drug Delivery through Engineering: After  years of research pharmaceutical companies are now successful in providing more efficient treatments with little negative impact on human bodies.


Remote Sensing: Sensing a fundamental need of time. Remote sensing is more popular for vehicle to vehicle safety.


Self Healing Materials: this growing trend facilitates in repairing the damages of non living materials from cut, tears and cracks.

Conclusion: this is latest more useful list of emerging technologies of 2013 which target the lay persons in brining comforts in life.

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