Easy and gorgeous do it yourself beach theme wedding invitations

How to make your own do it yourself beach theme wedding invitiations, with great ideas for sand.

Oh, if we could do it all over again. Nothing says romance like a wedding on the beach. The white sand, the flowing linen dresses, the warm sun and the smell and roar of the ocean all make me want to renew my vows. You will want to convey this serene theme to your invited guests, but where do you start? With the invitations, of course!

Anybody can go out and buy a pack of 100 general wedding invitations, but you want your beach theme wedding to be special and personal. Here is a sampling of some of my favorite do-it-yourself beach wedding invitations.

Message in a Bottle
About a year ago, I received the absolute best wedding invitation from a friend of mine. It wasn’t your typical card in an envelope invitation, but rather, a small white box addressed to my husband and myself. Inside was a small glass corked bottle that contained a little bit of sand, some tiny seashells and a rolled up piece of parchment that served as the invitation itself. The invitation was not computer-printed, nor was it written in elegant calligraphy. It was scrawled coherently on the paper as if it really was a message in a bottle. This is an extremely easy, yet highly original invitation to make. You will need small bottles with corks, sand, tiny seashells, paper and boxes large enough to fit the bottle in to be mailed. All of these supplies can be purchased cheaply at your local crafts store. You can enhance this idea even further by buying some dark green tissue paper and cutting it into thin strings to resemble seaweed. Then you can nestle the bottle on this when you put it into the box. This will also serve a second purpose of cushioning your bottle when mailing.
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Enhance Store-Bought Invitations

So you already went out and ordered your wedding invitations and now you’re panicking because you’re reading this article and screaming, “What have I done?” That’s okay. There’s hope for you, too. The current trend seems to be wedding invitations that are printed on a single sheet of card stock with a good amount of white space around the actual wording of the invitation. There are all kinds of things you can add to this space that will convey your beach theme. For example, use sand like glitter. Make heart shapes or starfish shapes around the border with a thin line of glue and then sprinkle some sand over the glue to give the card a little texture. Don’t forget to tap the card once it is dry to get rid of the excess sand.

You can also add beach-themed accessories like netting or shells or dried starfish. One simple embellishment is to get some small seashells or dried starfish and glue them to the four corners of the invitation. To go a little fancier, punch a couple of holes along the border and string natural-colored raffia or twine through the holes, gluing some seashells on the string itself.

Tightly woven fish netting can also give you the nautical theme. One of the easiest ways to use the netting is to wrap your actual invitation like a gift with the netting itself and then tie some raffia or twine around the “gift” as you would ribbon on a present and make a loopy bow. To give it a rustic look, have some seashells or dried starfish handy and glue them or tie them onto the bow. Another idea is to cut out a piece of see-through netting the exact size as the invitation and glue it lightly on the two top corners of the invitation, so that those you invited can lift the netting like a flap to see the invitation underneath.

Keep in mind that wedding invitations, in general, cost more in postage due to the larger size. Adding enhancements will make the postage go up a bit more than that. Make sure you take this into consideration when planning your budget. There are all kinds of ways to convey your beach theme. Be creative and have fun!

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