Do it yourself: Diy clothing fashions for teens and teenagers

Do it yourself clothing, a great way for teens and teenagers to make their own fashion creations.

DIY fashion can be so much fun. It’s the only way to know that what you are wearing is truly one-of-a-kind. It’s a great way to express your personality thorough handmade, unique clothing. It can be as wild and crazy as you want it or stay up with some of the hottest fashion trends on a limited budget. Because DIY fashion is typically made with recycled clothing, it can be environmentally and economically friendly.

The first thing to remember is whether you are an experienced seamstress or just begging, Take a moment to figure out what you want to create, think about your body type and the things you love to wear most. Don’t be afraid to take a risk, look through fashion magazines and hit the thrift stores.

T-shirt skirts are the best! They’re totally unique and you can get super creative.

Take an old Tee (try something retro like an old band or movie you like) and simply turn it into a skirt!

When to wear blue 300x276 Do it yourself: Diy clothing fashions for teens and teenagers

Do it yourself: Diy clothing fashions for teens and teenagers

What you will need:

  • Needle and thread or sewing machine
  • Elastic (1/2”), about one yard
  • Scissors
  • Felt-tip marker
  • Safety pins and straight pins

How To:

1. Lay the shirt flat on a hard surface.

2. Take a felt-tip pen and draw a straight line from the bottom corners of the shirt to the neckline, it should look a like a weird triangle.

3. Next, depending on your waist size, draw a horizontal line across the top of the Tee right under the neck. To get your waist size, take a tape measure or piece of small rope and measure your waist. Since the fabric is flat, the length of the neck should be about one-half of your waist size. Now you should have and outlined trapezoid shape.

4. Cut the horizontal line across the top so you can step into the Tee and make sure the waist is the correct size. You can make measurement notes with safety pins or straight pins if you have them. Cut the rest of the lines so you now have a simple skirt shape. At this time evaluate how tight or loose you want your skirt depending on how much the sides go out. If you want a more sleek pencil skirt, cut your sides closer in, almost like a rectangular shape. If you want a looser feel, keep the sides wide as they go to the bottom. Either with a sewing machine, or by hand, sew the side seams.

5. Take a piece of elastic and measure it around your waist where you want your skirt to sit. Stretch it so that it feels comfortable, but not to tight around your waist. Turn your skirt inside out and fold the top about 1” and a half down all the way around. Sew the hem close to the bottom of the fold all the way around so there is at least 1” for the elastic to sit in the him. Leave about a 3” opening near a side seam.

6. With your elastic, attach a safety pin to one end and slowly feed it through the opening, make sure you leave about 1” of elastic out when you begin to feed it through. After you have feed it through you should have about 1” on each end of the elastic poking out.

7. Sew the two ends of the elastic together and then sew the 3” opening on your skirt you left for the elastic. Make sure you have no open holes in your seams. The bottom should be already hemmed if it’s a Tee, but if you want to shorten it, just repeat the same method of hemming that you used for the waist.

8. Let your imagination run wild and believe me everyone will be asking you where you got your skirt.

Now you need a new shirt to match your new skirt.

Take a Tee that you like, slightly oversized or more fitted and cut an oval shape starting from about 1” in from the sleeve seams on each side, if you want more hanging, cut about ¼” out at a time to make sure you don’t over-cut. You can leave it more tattered for a punk look or hem the cut for a cleaner line. Now Play with it, you can add fake flowers, glitter, ribbon, whatever you like. If you want to take it a step further, take two small pieces of discarded fabric about 6” long each and attach them from the front of the shirt, where you would want straps to be, lay back and attach the other end to the same place. Now you have sexy spaghetti straps on your shirt.

Use discarded fabric to make wristbands or headbands, or even a little pocket on your clothes. You may even want to keep some scraps for latter use on another fashion creation. Use your imagination, don’t be afraid to take risks…in tune with the DIY ethic, Do It Yourself, make it yours, and have fun with it.

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