Diy wedding décor: Create an ice sculpture mold

Create stunning ice sculptures by freezing water in molds, for your wedding decor.

Ice sculptures are a very elegant décor item for any occasion- dinners, weddings, luncheons, banquets, etc. You may not be skilled with an ice pick and chisel, and you may not be able to carve images from a block of ice, but if you can freeze water, you can make an ice sculpture! First, you must decide what you will use for the mold. Anything can be used for the mold- from a cylindrical juice pitcher to a character shaped cake mold. There are two things to keep in mind when choosing a mold. First, make sure the mold can stand up alone. That way, your ice sculpture will also be able to stand on its own. If you do choose a mold that will not stand on its own, you will have to get creative and figure out a way to prop it up. Secondly, be mindful that most cake pan molds may have a design or image on one side, but may be completely flat on the other. This is acceptable if the sculpture is displayed in such a way where just the front is visible. However, if the mold is to be a centerpiece visible on all sides, you may want to use a mold that is equal on both sides.

The basic steps of making the sculpture are to fill the mold with water and freeze it thoroughly in the freezer. The time it takes to freeze completely will vary depending upon the size of the mold, so it is a good idea to make a trial sculpture well in advance on an event. Once the water is entirely solid, remove the sculpture from the mold by running it under warm water until it is free. Stand the sculpture upright in a dish that can hold the melted water. If it appears frosty or opaque, this is normal. It should clear up within 15 minutes. Time how long it takes for the ice to melt. This will let you know how long your ice piece will last during the special occasion. You have become an ice artist just by using your freezer!
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ADDITIONAL SUGGESTIONS: You can add a great deal of flair to an otherwise boring sculpture shape by adding items to the water. Food coloring is just one of the things you can use to spice up a sculpture. You can also use artificial flowers, colorful plastic ice cubes, gumballs, or anything else that is not too heavy to be suspended in ice. The key to adding items is to allow the sculpture to freeze half way, to the point where it is slushy and the inside is still liquid. With a skewer, press objects throughout the ice and return it to the freezer. This method will keep the items from congregating in one area.

To help absorb the water as it melts from the ice, use a deep dish or pan to hold the sculpture. Place dry sponges around the sculpture and cover the sponges with river rocks, flowers, or anything else that will adequately cover the sponges.

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