Decode someone’s non verbal communication with eye contact

The mysteries of non verbal communication, the challenges of finding the truth.

What does it mean to communicate with someone non-verbally? Various things come to mind, advanced methods of communicating, through technology, sign language, whether or not someone is lying to us.

When do we need to analyze non-verbal communication, and why? Perhaps non-verbal communication, or body language, can tell us things about a person that their mind is attempting to hide; yet, their emotions cannot suppress. When it comes right down to it, the emotional experience in modern culture is somewhat stymied, if not outright perverse.

For example, interpersonal communication is only truly acceptable between two individuals within a marriage, yet such is not always the case. When confronted, an individual may say one thing, yet the responses may require more time, not flow naturally. Our minds programmed to associate certain facial gestures and body movements when one communicates certain ideas. When there is a conflict and the learned behavioral patterns are inconsistent between the two, a metaphorical light goes off in our heads, and the need or desire to find the truth becomes of most importance.Sleek Gossip Your source for the latest fashion trends entertainment news lifestyle tips and more l Decode someones non verbal communication with eye contact
Is this person angry with me, for no apparent reason? Is this person talking quickly, are there long gaps in the conversation as the person is processing his answers? Has the tone or ambiance changed from one of tranquility to one of hostility? All are obvious signs of indifference, the question then becomes, are these verbal clues, or non-verbal ones. To stretch the definition a bit, verbally, the same information is coming across, yet the method through which this occurs is inconsistent with what should be, as one speaks.

The facial gestures show bewilderment, animosity, and shame; there may be unnecessary arm or hand movements for emphasis. At the end of the day, it is not that you experience such a range of emotion; it is how you deal with them, and how it affects others around you. When your own selfishness goes against the obvious greater good, in the eyes of your society or community, there is a problem. People cheat each other out of things; people disclose part of the truths.

Communication is more than just mundane. Individuals who do not realize the importance of communication early in life usually miss the good that come from it. Our relationships are tested daily, when we communicate effectively, we can go far in life, we learn from life and we can teach others. Yet when our need to communicate is a result of what we seek to gain or acquire in life for the short term, relationships are lost, complicated, distorted. We feel a need to separate ourselves from individuals who have reason to mistrust us when we cannot regain their trust, out of fear that they may interfere with our ability to develop new relationships with individuals in the future.

We stop listing references on our job applications, attempt to erase the fact that we even worked there to begin with, as there are chapters and stages in our lives that we cannot account for. The numbing of emotions over things that are too painful to deal with. It all begins with failing to communicate with others, rather than talking to them honestly we try to show them something dishonestly, attempt to prove ourselves as no one can believe what you say, but what you do. How it ends, you do not even want to hear yourself in our own mind, never to hear from your conscious again. That same conscious, figuratively, one always sees, in some mysterious way.

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