Daughter Gets $200 for giving up Facebook

Daughter Gets 200 for giving up Facebook Daughter Gets $200 for giving up FacebookFacebook users are now gradually getting tired of using it too much. Half of them are like they have taken some time off for themselves. But what’s more interesting is that kids are coming up with something even more interesting.

A 14 year old girl, Rachel Baier, from high school in Massachusetts, got her father to pay her $200 if she leaves facebook.

Rachel’s father told ABC News that she came and asked her father that she couldn’t get her things done, failed in getting a baby-sitting job, not only that, but also got frustrated over this and this was where she asked him if he would pay her if she quits facebook, and if so, how much would the amount be.

At first when she said that, Baier did not believe it and asked his daughter to leave, thinking how can it be possible for a person whose life completely revolves around such a thing to have guts enough to quit it, but then when she persisted, he said alright, I’ll pay you only if you agree to sign a contract of quitting it and there she was, agreeing and signing a document stating that Rachel will have her account on facebook de-activated from February 4th till June 26, 2013, last day of her ninth grade.

As per the contract, she would be getting $50 halfway through and the rest $150 on June 26th.

Baier told that Rachel has been using facebook for 24/7 in the past two to three years and that she did deactivate a few times for weekends. Also, he tells, she told him that she doesn’t worry about being left out because she still is in touch with her friends at school, so there’s really nothing to worry about as she can still text her friends and stay in the ring.

Part of the deal, he says, was that Rachel gives her dad the password to her account so that he himself de-activates it, so even if she craves for getting to know of her facebook friends, she can’t do that now as the authority rests completely with her father now.





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