Find Out Ways to get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes!

dark Find Out Ways to get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes!Worried about how to get rid of all those puffy eyes and dark circles?  Here is what you can do. Just five easy steps and you are ready for your wedding anniversary, or the birthday party that you have to attend, or the meeting that is SOO very important for you to get that promotion. Following these five easy steps is a sure way of getting rid of that dull face and making it ever more bright and fresh as ever. All you need to do to get that AWESOME you is follow these:

How to get rid of Dark Circles

1)      Drink plenty of water as water keeps your face look healthier and keeps it moisturised and fresh.

2)      NEVER, and make sure NEVER to eat rice before going to sleep as eating it would make your eyes look a lot more small hence making you look lethargic and diseased and that is something you would always want to avoid. No?

3)       Make sure you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables as no other thing in world is more fruitful and beneficial than raw vegetables and fruits. Cucumber slices are a must to have in order to get those dark circles away. Keeping cucumber slices beneath your eyes sure does help a lot.

Get rid of Dark Circles

4)      One may also use cold spoons to get their eyes in shape. Putting cold spoons or frozen bags of peas over your eyes sure help in tightening up the skin.

5)      It may sound coarse but using a Haemorrhoid cream can actually help in getting rid of puffiness. Apply on the affected area, and there you are, with those natural and beautiful eyes of yours, ready to go wherever it is. 

So it all describes very well how you can get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes. That said, it’s not something new for everybody wants to have those AWESOME looks and style and be as attractive as a celebrity. In all, following the above steps and maintaining and keeping a healthy diet rich in vitamins and proteins keep you fit smart and beautiful today and always. News has it that sleeping more than required makes eyes puffy so; try having not more than 7 hours of sleep for that is the sufficient amount of sleep for adults.

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