Colors and fashion: When to wear white

Whether a tee shirt, shirt, blouse or dress, white always represents simplicity. Wear white all summer and accessorize with it in the winter.

Unadulterated by color, white is a stark statement of simple humility. A white baptismal garment, confirmation dress or wedding gown is symbolic of these important religious occasions. White retains the virginal innocence associated with these memorable milestones regardless of the garment and fabric. Simple and serious, white clothing and accessories are essential wardrobe components.

A white blouse or collared shirt is an essential wardrobe component. Perfect for job interviews, these pieces suggest that the wearer is clean, neat and serious. A white blouse or collared shirt with a suit has a traditional, conservative look unmatched by any other color. When you want to give the impression of simple elegance, a white shirt or blouse is the correct wardrobe choice and may be worn in any season.

Colors and fashion When to wear white 266x300 Colors and fashion: When to wear white

Colors and fashion: When to wear white

White undershirts are necessary components to all male wardrobes. Usually unseen, the white undershirt absorbs sweat and keeps the collared shirt looking pressed and well groomed. Nothing looks worse than a man who takes off his jacket and reveals wet stains. If called upon to move furniture or provide some other kind of physical labor, a man can take off his collared shirt, lay it gracefully over a chair to reveal a crisp white undershirt, in which he will look appropriate and ready for the task at hand.

A casual dresser should purchase stacks of white tee shirts with popular sayings, revealing the wearer’s mood or personality. Either buy in bulk or select high quality cotton that will stand up to spontaneous touch football games, beach volleyball sessions or trips to the mall. Clean, white tee shirts always look less scruffy than black or colored tee shirts regardless of the words or pictures printed on the front. The white in these casual shirts retains a touch of simplicity, regardless of the saying printed on the front. Clean white tee shirts by themselves or paired with collared flannels are always appropriate recreational attire.

Late spring and summer is the perfect season for wearing white, and if you enjoy wearing white cotton pants, warm weather is the time to wear them. White cotton looks inviting and cool in the summer and will add a touch of freshness to any bright color. Men or women can wear white pants, just be sure to purchase a pair that fits well and doesn’t reveal any panty lines. Although appropriate in summer, an entirely white outfit may make you look like a vanilla ice cream cone or a retro dresser from the seventies. Add a little color for pizzazz.

In many high fashion circles the little white dress is replacing the little black dress this season. In LA where the weather is always warm and where most people work out or stick to low carb diets, the little white dress might be perfect. However, black is a more slimming choice and a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. While wonderful in summer, a little white dress will probably not catch on as a wardrobe essential.

White suggests virginal purity. Whether a tee shirt, shirt, blouse or dress, the color white will always represent purity, simplicity and humility. If you want to leave this impression, wear it all summer and accessorize with it in the winter. People will remember you as a fresh crisp dresser who takes time with the laundry or has a large dry cleaning bill.

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