Colors and fashion: When to wear purple

Information on when to wear the color purple.

Color has magical qualities. Studies have shown that color affects us both mentally and physically. We can change our mood as easily as changing the color of what we are wearing. That is why it is important to realize what kind of image we are projecting to others through the colors we choose to wear. We can also use color to project something about ourselves in important situations, such as job interviews, first dates, meeting your fiancé’s parents for the first time, etc.

Purple is considered a complex color, with a myriad of meanings. Historically, purple dye was made from the mucous of a certain kind of snail. Thousands of these snails were needed to produce a very small amount of dye. Consequently, only royalty and the nobility could afford to purchase clothing items that were purple. This is how purple came to have one of several connotations, that of a sense of regal wisdom. It is definitely a confidence color.

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When to wear purple

Purple has other meanings as well. Purple is thought to signify someone who is a deep thinker, someone spiritual and enlightened. People who wear it are thought to be introspective and know themselves well. Purple can add a sense of mystery to your person, and nowadays, is often considered an “exotic” color. Many people associate the color purple with creative types as well.

Since purple has such positive connotations, it is a great choice for moments when you need that extra boost of confidence. Wearing a smart purple suit to a job interview can subtly let the interviewer know that you are the person for the job, because you are dynamic leader who will add to their team by being intelligent and creative. If you are going on that all-important first date, downplay your nervousness by wearing a flirty purple skirt or soft lavender sweater. This will let him know that you are both mysterious and smart! What man doesn’t like a woman who can be exotic when she chooses? He will treat you like the noble queen you were in another lifetime.

If you want to impress your fiancé’s parents, choose something purple that is classy and shows them that their son has chosen well. You will treat their son royally, and encourage him to grow both spiritually and mentally to keep up with you. You will also expect them to treat you with respect that will be returned.

The good thing about color is that you don’t need to wear a lot of it to get the effect you are going for. For instance, if you are not comfortable wearing an entire outfit of purple, go for touches of purple instead. A floral scarf with purple flowers, chandelier earrings with amethyst beads, or strappy come-hither sandals can convey your message without being overpowering. This is also true if you feel that you can’t wear purple or that it isn’t a good color for you. Nowadays, purple comes in so many shades that there is bound to be one that looks good with your skin tone and style. Experiment with small touches and see if you don’t feel like a more confident, creative you!

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