Colors and fashion: When to wear blue

Blue, the primary color of water and sky, implies control and serenity in fashion.

Blue the primary color of water and sky implies control and serenity. While varying shades of blue evoke different emotions, the connection to water and sky always has an underlying calming effect. Blue is an appropriate color for every occasion. Select your shade of blue based on the mood you want to project and the occasion.

Named for its connection to the military, navy blue is a serious color closely associated with job interviews and very appropriate when you want to make a professional impression. Navy is less extreme than black but still gives the wearer a no nonsense look. A navy blue jacket, skirt or tie instantly suggests a conservative personality and can easily be paired with white, lighter blue or bright colors. Navy mutes the emotions of other colors. One classic combination, navy and pink, has made it out of the office and into afternoon luncheons and cocktail parties. Conservative navy counteracts the frivolous pink creating a very appropriate color balance.

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When to wear blue

On the other end of the spectrum, baby blue will always imply the innocence of new life. Americans still associate light powder blue with baby boys, even thou it is very appropriate for baby girls and people of any age who want to look like a fresh spring breeze. Light blue will easily be associated with calm sky and fresh water. Consider this tow powerful associations before you select this color. Often, this shade works very well as a contrast to dark colors. baby blue is a softer contrast than white and often more flattering, as Nixon discovered during the first televised presidential debate.

In between the two extremes are various shades of bright blue, electric blue and sky blue. Sky blues occur in nature and electric blues are manufactured. Whether or not your shade of blue occurs in nature, affects the emotion it evokes. Tropical flowers and birds are bright blue. Neon signs are bright blue. These colors project excitement and high voltage. Please will think of exotic flowers and late night ads. Electric blues paired skillfully with reds and purples commonly advertise everything from hairstylists to strip shows. Bright blue is a popular color for sports cars. Usually these bright, artificial colors are more appropriate after you have landed the job. Bright blue shouts creativity. Bright blue suggests a confident person who is not afraid to be noticed. Electric blue can be sexy but not as extreme as red and not as final as black. Black or white paired with bright blue provides a showcase for this exciting color. Think about what occurs when the sky changes color. Bright blue could be a storm. Deep blue could be just after sunset. Deep blue could be deep sea, retaining the mystery of sailors looking out from their ship and not seeing land.

People have seen these varying blue shades in life or in movies and your selection will touch their senses and their feelings about their experience. Remember that what ever shade you select, you will be connecting to people’s vision of sea and sky, powerful elements in nature that evoke a range of emotion.

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