Chris Brown and Rihanna – the expected reunion of the celebrities

The two really famous celebrities of Hollywood are lately seen to be together in most of the functions, NBA games and award functions. It seems like Rihanna is looking forward to go back to Chris again.

Rihanna Chris Brown and Rihanna   the expected reunion of the celebrities


Rihanna and Chris Brown

Although the relationship is not very clear, yet the two of them are found “kissing” in the NBA game in Los Angeles on 25th December. I do not mean to say that they are having a serious kind of love affair, but “kissing” in front of the fan followings and public watchers surely give rise to a hot issue.

Besides being found in the NBA game together, the couple has been found pairing up in the Christmas pictures as well. These issues definitely gives heed to the fact that the two celebrities have been spending considerable time with each other.  Let’s see what both of these famous celebrities are up to!

It is worth mentioning here that Chris Brown was convicted of beating Rihanna before the Grammy awards of 2009. I wonder what makes Rihanna forgive such a major domestic abuse.

Rihanna : a strong woman

Most of the people comment that Rihanna is a strong woman and she likes such a man who controls her. Well Rihanna! Don’t give the entire control to the person who has beaten you once, because you cannot trust such a person again!

Being in love is equivalent to being stupid. That’s what I would say about Rihanna’s recently taken steps. Most of the people do not mind their reunion because the beating story did not cast any negative effect on their careers. Both of the famous celebrities are still loved by the people and millions of people love to listen to their music.

I would say that Rihanna, being 24, can b expected to do this foolishness. It should be her parents who should teach her how to deal with a man who has beaten her once in her life.

Let’s wish Rihanna best of luck for her next move towards Chris! We hope that she takes the decision with wisdom and do not let herself abused by any men again in her life.

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