Choosing jewelry that fits your face – Learn what types of jewelry flatter your face ship and skin condition

Jewelry and Your Face

The most important thing to remember when choosing jewelry is to purchase something you like. No matter how good something fits with your features, it won’t be worn if you do not personally like the piece. There are a couple of factors to consider before choosing jewelry to fit your face. These are your face shape and the condition of your skin.

First, let’s explore how face shape affects your jewelry choices. Before you can determine what types of jewelry will flatter your face shape, you have to figure out what your face shape is. There are four basic face shapes: oval, round, heart-shaped, and rectangular. Once you have determined which shape best fits your face, refer to that section below to read which pieces of jewelry will flatter you the most.
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The oval shape is the easiest shape to flatter. Almost anything will fit with the oval face. As far as necklaces go, you’re free to choose any length or style. A short pearl choker will flatter you as much as a long silver lariat. Lucky you! Earrings are much the same story, although some earrings are better than others. The best earring shape for your face is triangles. They provide a good contrast to the oval shape. Round, button, or hoops also work well with an oval face shape. Dangling earrings are an option, but you need to make sure they are not too long as this can cause the face to look too thin.

For a round face shape, the best jewelry will add length. Steer clear of chokers and round necklaces. The shorter length only proves to make the face look rounder. You’ll have better luck with long, V-shaped necklaces, lariats, beads, or pearls. The longer length elongates the face, making it appear less round and more oval. For earrings, stay away from round shapes or button earring. Again, these shapes will make the face appear even more round. Try to wear earrings that are rectangular, square, or angular. Dangling earrings also work well with the round face as it elongates and lengthens.

Because the heart-shaped face is similar to an upside down triangle, jewelry that widens the chin is the most flattering as it draws attention away from the point. Chokers are most becoming on a heart-shaped face. They soften and diminish the angularity of the face. For earrings, you want to look for pieces that are wider at the bottom than at the top. Triangular items and even dangling earrings that have a wide bottom look especially flattering.

Since a rectangular face shape has more length than width, it looks best with jewelry that adds width and camouflages the length of the face. If your neck is quite long, you can definitely pull off a high choker. This reduces the length of the face. Also, mid-length necklaces (16 to 18 inches) that are in a U-shape are flattering to the rectangular face shape. As for earrings, the main shapes you want to stay away from are long, straight, dangling earrings. These only serve to lengthen the face even more. Any type of piece with some width to it will work much better.

The condition of your skin will also help you determine what pieces of jewelry are going to be flattering. While sunscreen and moisturizer use definitely help slow down the aging process, your skin still changes as you get older. For youthful, smooth complexions, wearing small, flat, smooth-surfaced earrings will be most complimentary. For older women, larger, dangling earrings with patterns will call attention away from the condition of their skin and direct it towards her overall beauty.

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