Choosing the best bra for your shape: Padding, underwire, strap and shape tips

Finding the best bra for you, by choosing from padding, underwires, different straps and shapes.

Choosing a bra can be a difficult task, especially when you are going through transitions in size such as before, during and after pregnancy.

The first consideration for finding the best bra for you is how it makes your clothes look once you are fully dressed. You may think that a certain bra is very pretty, but if you wear stretchy materials all the time, all the detail of the lace may show a bumpy outer appearance. You may like the comfort of a bra with no padding, but it’s no fun being teased by someone who can see what’s going on under what is supposed to be covering you. A lightly padded bra makes no difference in your size appearance, but the purpose of light padding is keep you from looking bare. Light padding is also great to have on around small children, who grab at you with no consideration for what they’re grabbing.

Choosing the best bra for your shape Padding underwire strap and shape tips 300x300 Choosing the best bra for your shape: Padding, underwire, strap and shape tips

Choosing the best bra for your shape: Padding, underwire, strap and shape tips

Underwiring keeps your shape in the most natural position. When washing your underwire bras, be sure to hand wash or use the delicate cycle, and always avoid the dryer, as the wires will bend if not treated carefully. Also, once the underwire breaks through the fabric, it will stab at you, so go ahead and throw the bra away. Buying an underwire is worth risking this potential breaking point, because newer bras are always going to fit better anyway.

I’ve found that the most comfortable bra for me at a size D is a smoothly contoured, seamless, lightly padded underwire bra. I’ve found one by Hanes Her Way at around ten dollars that works every time. Spending too much on a bra only to find out that you hate it is discouraging. Be sure to try on any bra with your intended clothing before removing the tags. Buy only one of a certain brand of bra and wear it for a while. After the bra has been “test driven”, you can go get as many as you like. Finding a brand that you can buy in most clothing stores is a great way to simplify bra hunting. If you already know the brand works for you, there’s no need to try it on at all.

A regular bra is for a regular outfit. If you’re looking to dress for a night of allure, you need an extra sexy bra and panty set. Even if you must purchase a corset bra that has no matching panty, find one in the same color to complete your look. It may not seem reasonable, but even though you cannot see the bra under the clothes, it makes all the difference in how you will appear fully dressed.

If you are feeling like you look too sexy all the time, check the source of your undergarments. If, for instance, you realize that you are wearing Victoria’s Secret undergarments all the time, you may have found the solution. Get a nice work bra collection for those times when you are not wanting to put off sexy vibes. For the unsexy look, be sure to shop at a location that does not gear itself towards that.

A bra that is too small will make you feel like none of your clothes fit. Be sure that your bras are comfortable and cover as much of you as you want them to. A bra that isn’t adjusted tightly enough in the straps will give you a sloppy look. When your bra begins to wear out or lose its elasticity, throw it away. It’s worth it to keep your bras in shape in order to make your clothes work for you.

If you feel that you’re too small-chested, go for the padded bra or water bra. It’s not necessary to divulge this secret to anyone, since the change will be subtle, but it can have a big effect on your self-image. I would not recommend to anyone just beginning to wear bras that they should use padding. This is only for the age when being too small becomes obvious by comparison and makes you feel uncomfortable with yourself.

For those women who are too big to find bras easily, there are companies that custom fit bras. Dolly Parton has all of her bras custom-fitted, giving her a ready for television appearance. Making sure that you have the right size is worth the trouble of finding a custom fit bra maker.

If you are unhappy with the way your clothes are fitting, the first thing you need to do is change your bras. The bra will make or break your wardrobe. Never underestimate its power or its influence over your completed look.

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