Quick and easy checklist to make sure the Bachelor party you are planning goes off without a hitch

Here is a quick and easy checklist to make sure the Bachelor party you are planning goes off without a hitch.

Congratulations! If you are reading this you have either been chosen to put together a bachelor party or you are about to get married and want to make that last night of single life an affair to remember for you and your friends. So what does it take? What exactly are you going to need to make this the Bachelor party of the century?

First of all let’s decide what kind of party you are going to have? Will it have a theme like a Hawaiian night out for instance or maybe just a nice evening with the guys? What will the central entertainment be? Here is a basic list of supplies to get you started.

It takes five basic elements to put together any kind of party and they are, People, Location, Food, Drinks and Entertainment.


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Quick and easy checklist to make sure the Bachelor party you are planning goes off without a hitch

Will this be a party for close friends of the Groom only or an all out block party? The number of people you choose to invite will ultimately determine the amount of food and drinks you will need. It is a good idea to make a list before you even purchase the invitations so that you will have an idea of how many people you are planning to bring together. While making out the list bear in mind any of those on it that do not get along or may have friction between them and if you do invite these people it is probably not a good idea to mix alcohol with any ill feelings at the party, after all this is for the groom and we want Him to have a good time with fond memories of the occasion.


Will this event be at a club or local restaurant, if so do you need to make a reservation for the size of your group and does everyone know how to get to the location? If you plan to have the event at a friends house or even your own will all the guest know how to get to the location and does it have room for the parking? Do you plan to decorate according to a particular theme, if so now would be a good time to consider the decorations you will need? Where will the central party be, by this I mean; where will everyone eat, drink, be entertained and generally hang out? Take into consideration the bathroom facilities and be sure it is well stocked with the essentials. Be prepared for and mindful of the possibilities of spills. That means have some supplies on standby for cleanup during the party if needed. This is also something to bear in mind when planning the central location of the general party and entertainment, no need to chance a plate of Bar-B-Q being flipped over on the new carpet.


Do any of the guests have allergies you need to be aware of? Some people for example may be allergic to shellfish. This is also a good time to remember that disposable plates and plastic ware make cleanup quick and easy.

Bar-B-Q is almost always a hit. If you go with this traditional favorite make sure you decide if you are going to have it prepared by someone else or you are going to do it yourself.

Finger foods are quick easy and cheap. You can make a quick run to the market and pick up party subs, chips and some dip and you are set to go, just make sure you have enough for all the guests.

Themed meals are fun and can make a party exotic. If you need help deciding what kind of theme to go with like Spanish for instance, take a look through your local phonebook to see what is available in the area.


Will there be alcohol at the party and if so will everyone be drinking? Will there be designated drivers or will you need to prepare for people to stay over? When buying drinks, with or without alcohol and you are not certain of the tastes of your guests try to purchase a variety to help cover all taste and remember often alcohol will run out before the nonalcoholic drinks. Also this would be a good time to think of disposable cups and do not forget the ice needed to cool those drinks.


Traditionally bachelor parties have an exotic dancer to spice up the evening and test the Bachelor’s virtue for his soon to be Bride. A quick glance through the phonebook will give you an idea of the availability of a professional exotic dancer in your area.

Perhaps you would like to break tradition this time and opt in for a live band. This can be as cheap as asking a group of talented friends to perform at your affair or as expensive as calling a talent agency and having them provide a band.

Of course my favorite and the cheapest route is to roll out a personal sound system or rent one for the party. Make sure you choose enough music to last the evening and a genre of music everyone can enjoy.

Also think about games like, Darts, Pool, Cards, or any other favorites.

Some last minute thoughts might include,

Will anyone be toasting the Groom? Will you need any last minute gag gifts or the like to lighten things up? Has everyone confirmed that they will be coming to the party? Have you prepared for the cleanup afterwards and during?

There you have it, a basic Bachelor party and the majority of the things you need to be concerned with. This can be either the basic blueprint or your entire list but whatever it is, remember it is all about fun! You or your buddy is about to be married and who knows when all of you will be able to get together like this again, so have a blast!

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