Cheap but chic wedding party favors

Brides and grooms show their appreciation to their guests with wedding favors, but favors don’t have to cost a lot. They can be inexpensive and elegant.

On the wedding day, the bride and groom receive lots of gifts. From gift certificates to cash to picture frames, the happy couple is inundated with goodies. But the gift giving doesn’t stop there.

Guests traditionally receive wedding favors as a token offering of thanks for attending the ceremony and reception. With a large crowd in attendance, it’s often expensive to give guests pricey wedding favors. But not all favors are costly or complicated. Many are affordable and practical.

Why not send guests home with a trinket to commemorate the big day? Here are some ideas for thrifty and elegant favors.

Give each guest a small shiny bell to ring throughout the day. The bells will ring when the bride and groom leave the ceremony, when guests want the couple to kiss and when the couple leaves the reception. For presentation, tie a ribbon and a short phrase to the bell such as “Wedding Bells are Ringing.”

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Cheap but chic wedding party favors

If bells are too noisy, opt for bubbles. The whimsical bubbles will float through the air serenading the bride and groom. These favors can be ordered through catalogs and web sites but couples can make their own. Many craft stores have a selection of small bubble bottles. Fill the bottles with bubbles purchased at a toy or craft store and decorate the bottle with colored ribbons or personalized stickers.

Candles and Soaps
Some pretty wedding favors are very inexpensive. Scented votive candles and colorful glycerin soaps are fragrant reminders of the wedding day. These items can be purchased cheaply at local craft shops or at discount retailers. Personalized labels, made on your computer or ordered professionally can be adhered to each item for a special touch. Place each favor next to the place card on the table or set up a table full of favors and let guests choose one at the end of the reception.

Cookie cutters
Show your appreciation to guests by rewarding their sweet tooth. Heart shaped cookies with an accompanying heart shaped cookie cutter is a great token of thanks. Attach a label with a cute saying like, “Love is sweet.” Flower shaped cookies cutters work too. Write a message such as “Love is in bloom” and guests will savor the message and the sweet treat.

Other inexpensive favor ideas include food and drink too. Tea cards are really popular as wedding favors. Take a bag of flavored tea like lemon or chamomile and place the bag in elegant card or envelope. Or give guests individual gourmet coffee packets that feature personalized labels. Make your own candies with chocolate and candy molds found at local craft stores and cooking supply stores. You can design roses, hearts, doves and more confections out of milk, white or dark chocolate. For theme weddings, get creative. At a country wedding, send guests home with a bottle of tasty BBQ sauce. At an Asian inspired wedding, opt for fortune cookies with personalized messages of love.

Theme Favors
For non-food related theme weddings, go for fun, original ideas. Seashells are a classic favor for beach weddings. Collect your own shells at a local beach or buy some at a craft store. Place the shells in a clear bottle or toss them in a sheer bag. For sports enthusiasts, golf balls with or without personalized messages are a practical parting gift. For nature lovers, offer up flower seeds and encourage guests to plant something in honor of the wedding.

Other Favors
Magnets, notepads and picture frames are common wedding favors. These items are well suited to men and women of all ages. Magnets can be personalized and feature a message from the bride and groom or they can mimic a theme such as flowers. And if the wedding is a destination wedding or boasts lots of out of town guests, why not give them magnets that have a scenic shot of the host city? Notepads are a popular choice too. Some couples get a personalized message on the paper, while others opt for simple multi-purpose stationary. Picture frames have double duty at the wedding, serving as both place card holders and picture frames.

Wedding favors are a nice way to thank guests who shared in the excitement of your special day. From magnets to cookies to soap, they can be fancy or practical. But whatever the gift, the underlying sentiment is what really counts. Show your guests that you appreciate their company and their support on your special day.

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