Car gift ideas for yourself or a loved one

Car gift ideas. Article includes ideas for what to give a car enthusiast.

Automobiles, at one time in America, were considered a luxury for the very richest people. However, to have wheels available and a car in the garage when you need transportation in the world today is a necessity.

Stores merchandisers have recognized this and have stocked numerous gifts of all types for the car owner in recent years. Gifts to give a car owner can have a wide range of prices.
The limits of your budget and the stretch of your imagination are your only restrictions in today’s market.
Do you have a person on your gift list that loves cars – any car or truck in general – or their own beloved model of car, in particular? Is there someone that you buy gifts for that views their transportation as an extension of themselves and worthy of decorating?
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There are numerous gifts in the stores to purchase for someone to use for the car that they are driving today, or to remind them of a treasured automobile that they or their parents owned in the past.
Shopping for the car-lover in your family or in your circle of friends can be as easy as picking up a catalogue or taking a minute to stop by your favorite mall and browse.

In giving gifts, perhaps think about cleaning the automobile and preserving the paint.
A car owner who desperately loves that car does not want a speck of dust to ruin the shine or gloss on the body. Car kits consisting of cleansers, buffers and waxes delight most car lovers. Adding a quick roll of paper towels and a bottle of Windex will help to satisfy any cleaning desires.
A gift certificate for a car wash or an oil and lube job should be appreciated – or if your pocketbook can stand the strain, surprise them with a new set of snow tires or purchase fancy, custom hubcaps for the person’s car.

For the interior of the car, there are attractive slipcovers or personalized floor mats in assorted colors and styles available to purchase to give to a friend or loved one.
Coffee cup holders, steering wheel covers, complicated stereo systems, or a box built to resemble an armrest and hold valuables are good gifts for the car owner.

Even for the home, car items are numerous. Novelties such as an ashtray that is shaped like a brake pad – a thermometer designed to resemble a rim and wheel – maybe a towel to use when drying the dishes that has the face of their favorite race car driver printed on the cloth.

There are reading lamps built to simulate steering wheels and desks or headboards for beds that duplicate a dashboard.
Of course, models of cars to collect and display have been around for years and copy nearly every make and model of automobile that could be desired. Some are inexpensive and a few are priceless but all are dear to the heart of a true car lover or collector.
For a truly magnificent gift, contact an area photographer and have a photo or oil painting commissioned of the vehicle of your friend or loved one, perhaps with them standing by the car.

When the photo or painting is finished, have it framed at a high quality shop.

They will treasure the painting for their home and be grateful for your ingenuity and thoughtfulness in the years ahead.

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