Buying Knock-offs, Is it legit?

As we all know that the demand of knock-offs is increasing all around the world as the demand of the designer items increases and people really want to buy dresses, bags, watches, and a lot more products that are forged. In fact, knock-offs seems to be so original and authentic that even professionals don’t tell the difference.


So far, counterfeit dresses, purses, watches, jeans are increasingly dominant, because of sturdy demand for luxury things, irrespective of one’s inability to afford such a life-style. But when you talk about, is it legit to buy knock-offs or not then it’s not embezzled to shop for knock-offs, it’s embezzled to sell them. People use to buy knock-offs for a lot of reasons – such as they cannot afford the original one.

Nowadays, people think that it’s wastage of money to spent thousands of dollars on the brands especially on branded bags, shorts, skirts but alternatively, I think the real waste of money is when you go for a fake product that won’t last more than a season.

Then there are ethical and economic consequences of such purchases, with the product typically created in sweatshops in China using child labor. The International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition’s website confirms “people WHO buy counterfeit merchandise risk funding villainous activities, paying to unemployment, making budget deficits and compromising the future” of their native economy. In the U.S. alone, it robs businesses of $200 billion a year, and voters of tax on it money.

According to the estimate of a non-profit organization, counterfeiting may be a $600-billion-a-year drawback that has fully grown ten thousand percent in 20 years, partially attributable to consumer demand. I have never understood this, but why do people insist on buying fake knock offs of designer anything, especially bags? In my opinion I could never get any satisfaction knowing that I was toting around a fake bag or fake watch or fake anything. If I can’t afford to buy it, then I’d rather buy something in my price range instead of posing like I can afford something I can’t.

Knock-offs and fashion

nike 300x220 Buying Knock offs, Is it legit?

Some people argue that they’d rather spend their money on something else like fixing their house or going on vacation, and would rather carry a knock off instead, and then have the nerve to make fun of people that buy the real thing. What they don’t realize is that people that can usually afford a real $2,000 bag, can also afford to fix they are house and go on vacation too, without having to sacrifice one for the other…it’s all relative.

Some people buy knock-offs because they want to flow with the fashion and don’t care who makes it. A lot of fake shapes are totally off or have a shape that doesn’t even exist (in the designer’s collection), they only have the logo pattern (in LV’s case). So it’s often not the shape they want, but the logo.

The top story that prevails all over is that the Victoria Beckham became friends with Marc Jacobs because she was seen wearing a fake LV bag. So, this means that there is no such illegal thing about having the knock-offs according to the celebrities point of view. After all they like it!

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