Bridal shower party ideas

Ideas for planning a bridal shower party.
When a person is planning a Bridal Shower, the first thing she must do is consult the bride on her preferences for the type of shower she wants, or how many showers she is anticipating having before the wedding. Traditionally, the Maid-of-Honor was in charge of the bridal shower for the entire female guest list, but nowadays, often brides are having family showers on both the Bride and the Groom’s side, so the Maid of Honor is only in charge of throwing a shower for the bride’s friends. The bride may have a specific preference for a huge formal shower or she may like a few, smaller more intimate gatherings. She may also add some ideas of a theme. Perhaps she wants 15-20 friends gathered at a steakhouse for lunch, or maybe she’s more comfortable with afternoon tea. Or your friend could be a little more daring and a shower combined with a Bachelorette party. Whatever the case, it is in the Maid of Honor’s best interest to consult the bride and the possibly the Mother of the bride for help first.

That being said, if a shower is going to combine all female guests, both family and friends, it is often nice to rent out a back room of a restaurant at lunchtime for the shower. The restaurant usually will give people a fair deal on a per person price, and if all the attendants split it, it’s usually not real expensive. Restaurant showers can vary from relaxed to almost as formal as the reception, depending on the setting and the bride. At a formal shower, it will probably consist of just lunch and the opening of the presents.
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At an informal group restaurant shower, often before lunch is served, the Maid of Honor often coordinates one game. A fun one with a big group is often something I call Couple Trivia. Each guest has a quiz sheet in front of them with questions about the couple ranging from: how they met, to when their first kiss was, to what their favorite restaurant is, to how the groom proposed, etc. It’s really fun. Another one that works well with a large crowd is Bridal Shower Bingo, when the attendants create bingo cards with various presents the bride could receive at the shower and each time the bride open ones, the Maid-of-honor yells out what the gift was, and if a guest had it on her board, she covers it, and the game continues until someone gets five in a row.

A more common theme nowadays is to divide the family and friend showers so friend showers of about 15 women are becoming more the norm for Maid of Honors to plan. They can have a lot of fun with these. A common theme as long as the bride is not shy is the lingerie shower. Each guest will bring the bride a lacy negligee or a slip so her collection will be quite plentiful after the wedding. These are always done at a friend’s house, and these may also be more commonly done in the evening. Food may be a little more casual at these. I have been to one. At the one I went to, we ordered pizzas, had potato chips, and tons of chocolate chip cookies and brownies. Games tend to be a little more risqué and adventurous. Two favorites include: I never and some form of Truth or Dare. I Never consists of each guest in turn making a true statement about herself, such as, “I never fooled around in an aquarium.” Well, everyone that had fooled around in one would have to take a drink and if they wanted to would share the details before going to the next person’s turn. Basically, these two games are about getting close girlfriends to share intimate details about their lives in a comfortable setting.

If your bride is into themes, the Maid of Honor can use any creative or unusual ideas. My favorite is a Dear Abby Marital and Sex Advice theme. The host writes in the invitations for each guest to bring a gift to help enhance the couple’s relationship. Some example could include relationship books such as Are You The One For Me by Barbara

De Angelis, a foreplay game such as Escape to Romance, some bubble bath or scented candles for a romantic stress-free evening, or a special down comforter. I’ve been to two of those, one with a somewhat shyer bride and one with a little more adventurous friend, so the presents and advice caters to the personality of the bride. A fun suggested activity at this type of shower is for the guests to write down their relationship tips in blank book for the bride to keep and treasure. A variation of this is for each guest pick a few pieces a paper with questions and offer the bride advice based on those questions, such as: What was your first time like, What three qualities keep a marriage strong, Why do you think this couple will work, and What do you think the bride’s strength’s are? The menu can vary from punch and tea sandwiches and salads to chocolate covered strawberries.

Another new theme is for the engaged couple to have a Couple Shower, entailing that both the Bride and the Groom attend the shower and they invite other guests that are already coupled up and that would not be offended by the non-traditional type of shower. With this type of shower in particular, it is extremely important that the setting and games help all the guests feel comfortable. Couple Showers are often like a regular party, with a bunch of people mingling. It’s most likely a potluck buffet, with guests often asked to bring a dish to pass to help the host. They are most often held at someone’s house, usually in the backyard, or in the basement. They are very casual, and if they do have games, it may be more of a sport game or something like Trivial Pursuit.

There are numerous ways out there to host a bridal shower. The most important thing is to include the bride’s taste, the people most important to her, eat lots of food, shower her with lots of presents and love, and have a great time.

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