Beyond beach wraps: Unique and chic swimsuit cover-up ideas for everyone and every type of swimsuit.

Swimming suit cover ideas

Have you found the perfect swimsuit but can’t find the right cover-up? Every woman who wears a swimsuit these days seems to be sporting the popular sarong, sheer and sexy, but not much in the way of modesty or sunburn protection. Whether you want to cover up a bit more or just be a bit more original, here are some helpful hints and ideas to be a little more creative and still look chic in your bathing suit.

If you prefer two-piece bathing attire, decide whether or not you wish to cover up the bottom or the top or both and then take a look at these ideas to see if any appeal to you.

Pair any two-piece suit with terry cloth shorts and you have a winning combo. Not only do they look cute and stylish, but because they’re almost towel like, they’re perfect to slip on right out of the water.

A more traditional look, but never out of style, is to wear board shorts over your bottoms. You can wear them as a cover up and then jump right in the water with them. If you’re having trouble picturing this idea, think of how great the surfer girls look and they’re always sporting board shorts. An added advantage is that you can wear them at whatever length you are most comfortable.

If you prefer to cover up your top, find a cool sheer shirt in a bold color that you might normally use as a layering piece in your everyday wardrobe. It will cover you up but let your swimsuit show through just a bit for a fun look that should also help you stay cool. If you’re daring and have the derrière, this look is very appealing with no added cover up for your swimsuit bottoms. However, depending on where you are and why you need to cover up, you can definitely combine this look with either the terry cloth shorts or the board shorts.

If you’re going for a little more cover than a sheer top, try a cute terry cloth wrap dress. It’s almost like a towel, except that it’s a strapless dress that velcros around you. You definitely can wear this with a one-piece or a two-piece and it looks good on all ages and body types.

Light-weight soft linen pants in white or beige are an excellent classy cover up for the bottom. Again, this is a look that works well for both one-piece and two-piece swimsuits and for all ages and body types. Be sure though that if you choose white ones you can’t see through them, or that you don’t mind if you can see through them.

Perhaps a one-piece suit is more your style. Try covering up with an over-sized tee that hangs off one or both shoulders. If you’re having trouble picturing this – think 80′s style tees. For a sophisticated new look, don’t let the tee go past your knees and pick a solid color so that the straps of your suit are the focal point, or if your suit is strapless it will highlight your bare shoulder. So don’t go too long, but don’t be afraid to go too big. The look is cute yet sexy all at once. You might add a wide-rimmed hat to complement this look.

Another great idea for a one-piece suit is an oversized man’s button-up shirt. You can button it up as much as you like or unbutton it as much as you dare. Be sure to roll up the sleeves, but don’t be too precise. You’re going for the sexy by accident look here. Again a sophisticated wide-rimmed hat will complement this look as well.

For the woman with a few more curves, both the one-piece cover up ideas are sophisticated and can be as modest as you’d like. However, you might also like to try something like a very simple linen button-up dress. Be patient and find one that hugs you in all the right places. This look is extremely sophisticated and sleek and can literally cover you from neck to toes.

All of these ideas are just suggestions to jumpstart your imagination. The basic rule of thumb when shopping for a cover up is to go with what makes you feel the most comfortable. Shop through your closet (and maybe your boy friend’s closet!) for that ‘just right’ piece that adds the perfect cover for your favorite swimsuit. Don’t be afraid to take your suit to the store to try it on with a cover up before you purchase. If you feel the confidence of wearing your choice, you’re going to look great. So don’t settle. Be patient and find what works for you.

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