Beyonce Under Terrible Criticism- Lip-Synching

b Beyonce Under Terrible Criticism  Lip Synching

The Lip-synch Nuisance

You are performing before the president of a country; it’s bound to build up some pressure, even if you’re that awesome most empress of the melody world everyone came to listen to.

Same happened with our queen Beyonce who is under terrible criticism these days for an alleged lip-synching at an inauguration ceremony, presided by president Obama. Our lady lip-synched to her pre-recorded voice in “The Star Spangled Banner”, which even in that case won the hearts of the audience, yet the critics found their cannons booming fire at the starry after some newspapers dropped a hint of her lip-synching her own voice at the ceremony.

Criticsm against Beyonce

Even the awesome inauguration speech of Obama didn’t create as much of chit chat as did the scandal of our star who was found too dejected soon as the scandal found its feet on the ground.

Beyonce kept mums at all the buzz however the US Marine band gave contradictory answers as to the truth of scandal.

Earlier, a US Marine Band spokesman informed many reporters that a pre-recorded version of the song was played at the ceremony; however some other spokesmen were totally vague as to this.

Even a rumor of her singing lives & using a pre-recorded track is hovering about & no one still had a right end of the stick until an inauguration official said that Beyonce didn’t actually sing because she wasn’t given time enough to practice with the afore mentioned Band.

Hard for Beyonce

Some of her fans found an awfully gloomy Beyonce shopping on Claiborne Street in the French Quarter of NOLA, surrounded by her guards. She didn’t look willing to talk to anyone, so the queen might be having a real hard time right now.

However Jennifer Lopez & LaAnn Rimes were found standing by the dejected star.

LeAnn supported Beyonce saying sometimes you have to do it, not because you want it but because those who are controlling everything ask you to. Jeniffer rather agreed with her on that saying all performers have to do that, one day or another, so no biggie!

Apart from that, many circles show complete indifference to the scandal, thinking there are others things in life one can worry about (good for Beyonce) & that being a part of this buzz, they can’t next get into another gossip about if she is naturally blonde or not! It’s so awesome thatsomeone really has a point on this one. However till the gossip dies out, all the best to Beyonce!

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