Beauty tips: What color of blush is right for your skin type?

Tips on choosing a flattering blush color for skin tone and type.

Blush can be a perfect addition to a woman’s make-up, or it can be a frightening exercise in bad decision-making. Choosing a good blusher for skin tone and type isn’t difficult, but there are a lot of shades available. Which is the right one?

A lot of which blusher is a good one depends on factors such as the woman’s age and skin, hair and eye color. These are the basics on which blush choice will be decided. A woman should go with a more neutral blush as she gets a little older. A little old lady wearing startlingly pink blush is scary.

Now, “neutral” does not, and should not, mean “blah” or just this side of beige. “Neutral” should mean, in makeup terms, somewhere in the middle of the color spectrum. Not bright pink or coral, but not red or brown, either. A woman of more mature years should bite the bullet and go to the cosmetics counter at a department store, be honest about her age, and ask the salesperson to suggest some blush colors. Even if they’re eager to make a sale, most cosmetics representatives want a woman to look good. They have more opportunities for repeat business, that way. And while the woman is there, she might as well get tips on base, eyeshadow, liner and lipstick. Heck — get a makeover and buy the blusher. Then, if she likes the results, she can take the blusher to the drugstore and start looking for cheaper alternatives that are similar to that blush color.

Beauty tips What color of blush is right for your skin type Beauty tips: What color of blush is right for your skin type?

Beauty tips: What color of blush is right for your skin type

Women in their 20s, 30s and 40s can move more with whatever makeup is trendy, but those in their 30s and 40s should be especially wary and careful to choose those shades that compliment their skintone, regardless of what is currently fashionable. Remember the 80s, when the “tire track” blush was in style? A 35-year-old woman looked ridiculous with that style in the then-fashionable fuchsia. But she could have gotten away with a mauve applied in the same place, but with gentle edges. Still more fashion-forward, but attractive.

Teens can, and probably will, go with the cutting-edge in fashionable blush colors and styles, in spite of Mom’s sage advice. There’s not much a mom can do about it, except insist that the cosmetic be oil-free and non-comedogenic.

But which kind of blush to choose: powder, stick or gel, is an important question. Powder blushes are the most common. They are available from every cosmetics manufacturer and in a rainbow of colors. Stick blush goes on like concealer, and gel looks dark in the tube, but goes on much lighter. Much depends on the desired effect and the skin type. Oily skin should use powder or gel, making sure mineral oil isn’t a component in the cosmetic. Women with dry skin should use the stick or gel, since the stick does add some moisture, and will not fade as easily. Gel gives a very clear finish, stick a more solid swipe, powder blends more readily with base. Experimentation will help a woman choose what works best for her.

As a rule, where colors are concerned, blondes do well with a lighter pink or peachy shade, redheads can go with peaches and corals, and brunettes with darker pinks and mauves. Most women of every skin color can wear neutrals. Again, experimentation should rule the day. Look for shades that enhance the cheek color, and blend with the rest of the makeup. Blush should never be the first thing someone notices about a woman’s makeup. It should be clear, not muddy, but subtle. Don’t try to change the skintone or cheek color. Work with it. Bring out what is naturally there. And if a woman needs a second, or expert opinion, make that trip to the department store.

The whole point of makeup in general is to help a woman bring out her natural beauty, to hide flaws, and make the most of her assets. Anything that looks artificial or cheap makes the wearer look cheap, too. A woman should strive to choose colors that enhance her beauty, not detract from it. Makeup is far too expensive for a woman to take home what is not flattering to her.

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