Beauty tips: How to use hair curlers for a wavy hair style

Learn how you can create beautiful, bouncy, wavy hair with curlers. Its simple, easy and all you need are a few supplies.

Would you like to create a wavy look to your hair? It’s possible and easy

regardless of whether you have thick, thin, long, short or medium length hair. Waves create a bouncy, flattering look giving the appearance of hair in motion. It’s a simple process and all it takes is a little time and a handful of supplies.

Begin the setup by purchasing large sized, smooth surfaced, plastic curlers with snap on covers. The curlers should be between two to three inches in diameter. Large sized heated rollers can also be used. In addition you will need setting lotion (if you have very straight hair or hair that resists curling), hair clips or salon style flat spring clips, a wide toothed comb, rat-tail comb and a ball tipped, wire bristle hair brush set in a rubber base.

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Beauty tips: How to use hair curlers for a wavy hair style

The very first and basic step is to shampoo and condition your hair thoroughly. Next, assemble everything you will need to create your new hairstyle. If you have hair that resists curl apply a small amount of setting lotion over the entire length of your hair. Next, section your hair with the wide toothed comb into three sections each approximately 1½ inches wide. The best technique for sectioning the hair is to divide into a middle area and two side parts. Clip each section with a hair clip to keep the hair neat and the areas separate.

Beginning with the middle section, part off a piece of hair (not wider than the curler) with the end of the tail comb. Comb the piece of hair straight up from the head and carefully wrap hair around the curler. Try to get the ends of the hair wrapped first. Roll the curler downward and cover securely. Continue this procedure until all of the middle section has been rolled onto the curlers. The curlers should be placed right next to each other with no large gaps in-between. Proceed to the side area. Place the curlers nearest to the face in a side position and then switch to a downward position as you move toward the back of the side area. Repeat these steps for the other side until all curlers are in place.

The next step is drying. You can choose four options for this last stage of the process. You can dry the hair under a salon style hood dryer, use heated curlers, use a blow dryer with a plastic hood attachment or air dry. The length of drying time will depend on the thickness and length of your hair. Temperature setting is also a factor in calculating drying time. Salon style dryers should be set on a medium setting or warm but not hot. Hot air can become uncomfortable and may even result in burns or red marks around the ears. Heated curlers work quickly and reduce drying time. Air drying is natural and gentler on the hair but will take longer especially if you choose to do this on a cool day or inside an air conditioned home.

When your hair is thoroughly dry gently remove each curler. Brush hair gently from the back with head bent over. Watch the waves come to life!

Once you get the knack of this technique you will be able to do it quickly and professionally each time. Your reward will be the satisfaction of having created bouncing, beautiful waves that will give your hair lift and motion.

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