Beauty tips: How to use hair curlers for a curly hair style

Find out how to pump up your hair using curlers to create a curly look for volume, bounce and shine

Who doesn’t want a thick, luxurious head of hair that bounces with volume and body whenever the head is turned? Most of us do. Here’s how you can get the look. The products that will be needed are a volumizing or curing shampoo, a light conditioner and a styling spray, gel or cream. Old-fashioned setting lotion may sometimes still be found in beauty supply stores. Shorter hair will need a smaller curler and longer hair a larger one. Most hair curlers today have a velcro finish which holds the curler in place by itself, but bobby pins can be used for a more secure hold.

Start by washing the hair thoroughly two times. As the bottle says, “lather, rinse and repeat.” Then apply conditioner and comb through, leaving it on for a few minutes to penetrate. Once this is done, towel dry or air-dry the hair until it is just damp.

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Beauty tips: How to use hair curlers for a curly hair style

At this point some of the styling product may be run through the hair lightly. Section or part the hair so that curlers may be placed side by side across the top and down the back of the head and then down the sides. You may change the position of the curlers depending on the type of curly hairstyle you want to create. If you part your hair on the side, you may want to start there. Envisioning how you would like the curls to fall, place each curler in position on the head. Once you’re done putting the curlers in the hair, give it another light spritz of product. Depending on the type of hair you have you may want this to be a firm hold hair spray or just a light styling mist. If you know your hair tends to be hard to curl you may want to opt for the firm hold and vice versa.

To dry the hair you may either sit under an old fashioned hood dryer if you have one or if you have plenty of time just let it air dry. You can also use a hand held dryer to give the drying time a jump start and then let it air dry. Also, curling your hair at night and then sleeping on it is option. There are some soft hair curlers available that makes it much more comfortable to do this now.
Once the hair is dry remove the curlers taking care not to pull too hard on it so the curl doesn’t weaken. At this point it is up to you to decide how you want to style the curls. You may leave it down and brush it out so the hair takes on a sort of wavy curl look that is looser, or you just pull your fingers through the hair to keep a tighter more curly style. The hair can be pulled into an up-do for curls on top of the head. This might be appropriate for a more formal event. Whatever you decide, have fun with your new curly hair!

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