Beauty and fashion: A look at designer sunglasses, what they offer, why consumers buy them and more

The basics of designer sun glasses

Designer sunglasses are in a class all their own. You know them when you see them, whether it’s the double C’s for Chanel or the medusa logo for Versace. And, when you do decide to splurge on a pair, not only will your status quotient be raised, but also they typically last longer and shield your eyes from harmful UV rays. Not to mention, after you spend around $250 or more on a pair, losing them or carelessly breaking them is slim to none. The benefits of designer sunglasses and the designer sunglasses on the hot list are as follows.

Why Buy Designer

A look at designer sunglasses what they offer why consumers buy them and more 300x230 Beauty and fashion: A look at designer sunglasses, what they offer, why consumers buy them and more

A look at designer sunglasses, what they offer, why consumers buy them and more

  • They look glamorous and are status symbols and make you look fabulous
  • They shield tired looking eyes from the world
  • They last longer because they are of better quality
  • If you pay a substantial price for them, you won’t lose them – guaranteed
  • Most are polarized, which are the horizontal lines that reduce glare.
  • Equipped with UVA and UVB protection from the sun
  • A light weight frame and scratch resistant

The Designer Hot List

Just about every famous designer that has a fashion line, has a line of sunglasses, from Ferragamo to Cartier and from Chanel to Gucci. When choosing designer sunglasses, be sure to check out all of the different brands. Keep in mind, if you like the designers clothing, you will probably like their line of sunglasses too, since you’ll see their image present in all of their products.

Whose Sunglasses are Hot?

Kenneth Cole offers a collection of designer sunglasses for women and unisex in contemporary styles. Like the clothes – sleek, chic and citified – you’ll see sleek shapes with his glasses.

Gucci has an essence of pure luxury within their brand. With up-to-the-minute trends and classics from black movie star shades to their signature aviator styles, you can’t go wrong with Gucci.

Calvin Klein offers sunglass as streamlined and as classic as their minimalist clothing. You’ll find classic shapes and sizes within this collection.

Revo sunglasses are great for their sporty lines, offering shades with glare-free vision, revo tint from the outside, smoke tint from the outside, anti-strain revo protection, 8 base sport wrap coverage and more.

Chanel, Versace, D & G and Dior are great for a little flash and are pure status symbols.


As stated earlier, you’ll pay more for designer sunglasses. But, as the old adage states, you get what you pay for. You really get great quality when you pay more; the craftsmanship is definitely of a higher stature than the cheaper counterparts. With great care of these sunglasses, you could have them for several years. Some great tips are to clean them with a light cloth (don’t add any water or other cleaning astringent), keep them in their case when they aren’t in use and avoid sitting on them!

You’ll find designer sunglasses at department stores, exclusive boutiques or optical stores. And, when looking for sunglasses, find frames that fit your face shape and your style.

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