Beauty essentials: Makeup tips for african american teenagers

A teenager’s guide to choosing the right make-up for dark skin tones.

For African American teenagers, the make-up possibilities are nearly endless. Dark skin serves as a good palette, working well with warm and cool colors.


When choosing a lipstick, it’s important to consider your skin tone. Most colors look good against dark skin, but pinks and reds tend to work best for dark skin tones because they contrast nicely against dark skin tones. Deep browns are among the most popular lipstick colors, but they don’t work for everyone. The deep browns pair best with medium or light skin. With dark skin tones, the deep browns don’t contrast well. For an everyday look, you can’t miss with tinted or bare lip-glosses, which also go especially well with dark skin tones. To apply just the right amount of lip-gloss, apply some in the center of your bottom lip and at the center of your top lip. Then press your lips together. The gloss will spread out to the corners of your mouth. If you need to apply more lip-gloss, dab some more at the center of your lips. Applying lip-gloss this way keeps the gloss from building up and looking sloppy at the corners of your mouth.
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To go beyond the everyday look, there are eyeliners, eye shadows, blushes, concealers and pressed powders. The first step in getting all dolled-up is prepping the canvas. In other words, covering up any blemishes and oily spots so that your face is smooth and ready for more make-up. To cover up blemishes, use a liquid concealer or concealer stick. For dark skin tones, it’s tricky finding a matching concealer. But you generally want to find a concealer that is slightly lighter than your actual skin tone. You’ll be dabbing pressed powder over it, which will help blend the concealer with your skin tone. To apply concealer, dab a small amount on the blemish and using your ring finger, which is also your gentlest finger, gently tap the concealer until it is somewhat blended with your skin tone and is covering the blemish. Sometimes you may need to dab on more concealer. Next, dab pressed powder over the concealer, to dry and set it, so it lasts long.


Dark black eyeliners work well with dark skin. Use one hand to gently stretch your eyelid, and with the other hand, trace a delicate line at the edge of your eyelid. You can use your ring finger to smudge and blend the line. Eye shadow also compliments the eyes and sets the eyeliner, so it doesn’t rub off easily. With eye shadows, all colors usually work well, though deep, dark colors probably wouldn’t show very well against dark skin. Apply eye shadow between the edges and creases of your eyelids. For a more dramatic effect, you can apply some color just above the creases, but not much, so it’s not over powering.


The last step involves blush, which is often times one of the trickiest make-up items for dark skin. Pinks and bronzes compliment dark skin well. Generally, the bronzes look better on darker skin, and pinks take well to medium dark skin tones. Most blushes come with a brush, but your finger works just as well and is quicker. Run your ring finger over the blush and then dab three dots of the blush on each cheekbone and then softy rub the blush to spread it out onto your cheeks. Use your eyes to measure how close to your nose and ears you should blend the blush. Generally, you’d like to keep the blush under your eyes, on the length of your cheekbones.

Finishing Touch

To finish the dolled-up look, dab pressed powder over your face.

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