Beauty Bride Tips

Getting ready for that special day? It can be hectic,but there are ways to be prepared to make the stress at least less noticable.

Your Wedding! A day that every little girl dreams about.

But, when it finally arrives,you haven’t exactly given much thought to how nervous

you will be and what it does to your body,not to mention your makeup. The last thing you want is to soil your beautiful gown or walk down the isle with your perfectly mastered look,only to have it melting down under your eyes and cheek bones. Well, never fear! There are solutions and tricks to fix the dreaded makeup melt down, as well as steady your nerves.

First of all, relax! You are not the only one freaking out, getting zits and loosing your hair. These are normal stress reactions that happen to everyone as the big day gets closer! No,you are not loosing your mind. Just remember it is normal to feel like your whole world is crashing down,even when only one little thing is going a rye. Most things are easily fixed or adjusted. Sometimes it helps a lot to talk to someone who has been through it.

Beauty Bride Tips Beauty Bride Tips

Beauty Bride Tips

Helps to calm your nerves!

Some say it is better to do your makeup before putting on your gown.Then some say it is better to wait until your gown is on and put something over it. This might work,if your having a professional makeup artist do your makeup. Most of us have to do it ourselves. It is nerve wracking enough to have to worry about getting something on your gown before the wedding. Most Bridal gowns are complicated to get on,just because of length, stiffness, triming, pearls, beads,etc.

You would do better to do your makeup before you attempt your gown. This way if any of your makeup happens to rub off,it will be on the inside of the gown at worst. You should also wear a clear deoderant or anti-perspirant. This really wouldn’t matter that much,unless you’ve chosen an off white gown. Clear anti-perspirants,as apose to the white stick,do not stain and you will stay dryer so that there will be no wet stain that would show.

Practice putting on your makeup in the light that you will be seen in for the reception, because this light will be a little brighter,and more people will see you up close. Carry a beauty blotter(sold in most drug stores)with your handkerchief or bouquet to discreatly blot excess oil,as this usually happens because of nerves and excitement. Don’t worry, too much, about your hair. A simple hairdo will save stress when things get hectic and down to the wire. People will remember,more, your look and the way you hold up under stress than the way you were wearing your hair when it is all said and done.

Try not to lock your knees when you are standing,as this can cause dizziness. These helpful, little tidbits got me through my own wedding,with which,everything decided to go a rye about a week before and the rehearsal was the finale!

At any rate,enjoy your day and remember it is the Groom’s day as well! So cut him some slack. Congratulations to both of you!

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