Beautiful ideas for locations of your outdoor wedding

Outdoor wedding ideas

Every time you plan an outdoor wedding, you take a chance with Mother Nature. While outdoor wedding can be beautiful, they come with special difficulties and challenges. If you are the type of person who likes to control every aspect of the wedding and want every detail planned out then maybe an outdoor wedding is not for you. However, if you love the outdoors and can manage unexpected occurrences that happen then I have several outdoor wedding ideas for you. The first idea is more fully developed to give you an example of just how fun planning an outdoor wedding can be. I also want to encourage you to get your own ideas flowing.

Beach Wedding – A beautiful wedding in the spring, summer or fall is a beach wedding. The waves crashing in behind you, a gentle breeze blowing and the smell of salt water complete a beautiful scene that entices all senses.

While this wedding can be more formal, it provides for a beautiful casual wedding. The groom can be dressed in khaki pants (rolled up to the ankles or left alone), a buttoned down shirt (left un-tucked and buttoned only half way), and wearing sandals or left barefooted. The groomsmen can be dress similarly, maybe wearing a different colored shirt. The bride can be adorned in a beautiful spaghetti strap mermaid cut (or any dress that suits your body style) dress. J Crew just came out with some beautiful casual wedding attire. The bridesmaids can also be dressed in knee length dresses with flowing material.
The guests can be seated in folding wooden chairs facing the ocean. If you prefer your guest to not have their feet in the sand, you can rent a stage/dance floor. The bride can walk down a natural sand aisle or a rented aisle. The aisle can be lines with tiki torches and lanterns. A live ensemble can provide the procession and recessional music.

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Beautiful ideas for locations of your outdoor wedding

Whether the wedding is extravagant or simply elegant your guests will be amazed at the beauty of the scenery while watching loved ones begin their lives together. The smell of the sea the gentle ocean breeze, all will leave a lasting memory on your guests.

The reception can be held at a nearby restaurant or hotel. If you would like to have it on the beach make sure that you check with local government for their regulations regarding this, which you should have already done. The tables can be dressed with a crisp white tablecloth, with different shades of blue napkins. Each guest can have a small bud vase with a beautiful yellow flower. The centerpieces can bring the sea to the table with glass bowls or square trays filled with sand, candles and seashells.

If you really want to go all out, the wedding initiations can be “Messages in a Bottle.” The programs can be a similar design. You must make sure that they are rolled tightly enough so that they come out easily.

The problems surrounding this wedding can be numerous and identical to the problems of any outdoor wedding, rain, storms, wind, heat, etc. More specific to this wedding a major problem will be sand. You know when you go to a beach and you find sand everywhere for weeks to come, well this wedding will be no different. Depending on the venue, most beaches are public, so you may have to deal with uninvited guests.

Open Field Wedding – There is something beautiful in a wild flower bouquet. Imagine rolling hills, colorful flowers dancing across the scene, birds singing in the background. This scene is perfect for a casual wedding when the flowers first bloom in spring. White folding chairs for the guests, a simple white runner and a colorful bouquet all accent the scenery. The reception could be held outside or at a nearby bed and breakfast. The unique feature about this wedding is that there are numerous bed and breakfasts inns, which have land suitable for such events. This would allow you to not have uninvited guests showing up for the celebration. In addition, this gives you an easier place to get prepared for the wedding. The problems with this wedding stem from the fact that it is an outdoor wedding: rain, sun, bees, etc.; your typical outdoor wedding issues.

Park Wedding – There are national parks in every state. Some of the most beautiful sites around can be found at these places. The problem with such sites are that they are public and in most cases you can not reserve these parks, so some strangers may just drop by to see your wedding. These wedding can vary depending on the type of park you want to have you wedding at, so use your imagination, but go with the natural beauty of the venue.

Mountain Wedding – Several places through out the country have mountain top sites for weddings. These breath-taking views will enhance every wedding. Normally these places provide all the decoration needed. Imagine your guest seeing the beauty of a mountain, birds soaring in the background, the fall foliage. The natural beauty is endless. Imagine an autumn wedding, a perfect season with the leaves changing colors and a gentle breeze blowing. You guest would never forget this wedding. However, this idea does provide extra difficulties. Are you having both the wedding and the reception on the mountain? If so how hard is it to get the needed supplies (tables, chairs, food) to the site. How are you going to transport your guests? Will they drive up to the site? Is there adequate parking for them? These problems have solution but you need to plan early.

Garden Wedding – There is something unbelievable in the beauty of flowers. Being married in the middle of a garden would provide beauty both visually and aromatically. Flowers of all color blooming enticing the sights of guests. The reception tables could be adorned with a simple white tablecloth to allow the beauty of the garden to shine. Centerpieces that use flowers found in the garden would enhance the scene. This wedding could be very simple, with a buffet style dinner or more extravagant, with a sit down dinner. Remember let the beauty of the flowers shine. There is no need for miscellaneous decorations that clutter the view and distract from the natural beauty of the garden.

Problems included with this wedding include are the friendly bees, you know how they love flowers. In addition, the summer heat could bother some of your guest, as well as your usual problems with the weather. Providing a tent could eliminate some problems and provide relieve from the sun or heat.

Vineyard – Picture acres of vineyards behind you as your saying your vows. Centerpieces of wine and grapes, wooden tables and white table clothes provide an enchanting scene. There are countless vineyards throughout the country where you could hold a wedding. This wedding can be casual or formal. Your guest can enjoy wine tasting while exploring the grounds. This is a perfect wedding for wine lovers. Most vineyards will have numerous sites where your can hold the ceremony, as well as the reception.

There will be problems of heat in the summer, rain or bees. Your guest could find refuge in the vineyard shop or restaurant, if there is one on site. Again, many of the problems with outdoor weddings can be planned for.

Yacht or Ship – Imagine taking your vows while cruising down a river, or taking your vows before you set sail and having your reception on the boat. Either way, with the scenery always changing your guest will be very intrigued. The benefit with this wedding is that with yachts you can have the benefit of being inside while having the beauty of an outdoor wedding.

Museums – There are some museums through out the country that allow weddings. The feel and theme would vary depending on the museum, but most museums have well kept grounds that would provide a beautiful backdrop for a wedding. In addition, you guest could escape the heat or rain by ducking into the gallery.

Old Southern Plantation – Reminiscent of an old coming of age party, this wedding is formal. Take a trip back in time and indulge your fantasy. While this wedding can be done inside the house using the house as a stage for the wedding would be beautiful. Your guest can meander around the grounds and take in the beauty of weeping willow trees, flowers in bloom, and beautiful walkways. White tables spread across the green grass, vibrant flower centerpieces and a gentle breeze blowing would etch a wonderful memory for your guests.

Almost any outdoor setting can be turned into a beautiful wedding. Just look around your town for what makes your relationship unique and what suits your dreams. I was married on the back steps of a castle. Pick an idea and work with it, let you imagination flow. If you love weeping willow trees, find a setting with several and build you wedding around that.

All outdoor weddings have a mountain of problems that could happen, and much of this relates to the weather. So remember, if you are planning an outdoor wedding you will have problems, just try to relax and ask for help and advice. I am sure your friends and family would be willing to offer assistance and ideas. But most of all remember to have fun and imagine.

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