Baby shower planning: Design and decorate cheap paper plates for a baby shower

How to make your own cheap paper plate decorations for a baby shower.

If you’re looking for ways to cut down on the cost of a baby shower, opting for cheap paper plates is a great place to start. After all, no one said a cheap paper plate had to look cheap. Read on for several low-cost ideas that are sure to turn cheap paper plates into a real asset to your party’s décor.

Paint- Customize plain paper plates by writing the words to a lullaby around the rim of each plate. (A paint pen works great for this purpose.) You can use the same lullaby on each plate, or for a little more fun, use a different lullaby around each rim, and designate one of the chosen lullabies as the “winning lullaby”. Whoever draws the plate with that particular lullaby wins a prize.

Craft Punch- For a quick and easy project, pick up a baby-themed craft punch from your local craft store, (rattle, heart, building blocks, etc.) and use it to punch a design around the outer rim of each plate. You can even use more than one craft punch to give the plates more visual interest. Either way, guests are sure to notice this fun detail, and rave about your creativity.
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Stamp- If you already know what the baby’s name will be, pick up a rubber name stamp from your local craft store, and use it to personalize the edge of the plates. Then make sure the mother-to-be gets the stamp, so she’ll have a way to personalize all of her baby’s belongings. Rubber stamps are still a great solution even if you aren’t sure what the baby’s name will be. Just pick up a rubber stamp that says “baby,” and use it in place of a name stamp.

Stickers- If you’re looking for a way to add color to plain, paper plates, stickers are a great option. Pick up a couple packages of baby-themed stickers, and use them to decorate the edge of the plates. You can even use stickers to update the napkins or tablecloth. The more stickers you use, the more likely guests are to notice them, so don’t worry about overdoing it.

Puzzle- If you’re looking for a way to keep guests busy in between activities, just turn their plates into puzzles. List the names of common baby supplies around the rim of each plate, omitting several letters of each word. Then challenge guests to solve the puzzle. You can even offer a prize to the first person that correctly identifies all of the items.

Hole Punch- To add a touch of elegance to the baby shower, just punch two holes in the rim of each plate about an inch apart. Then, thread a blue or pink ribbon into the holes, and bring the ribbon together into a bow. Guests will be so impressed by this eye-catching detail they won’t even notice that you’re using the cheap plates.

Just remember, cutting costs doesn’t have to mean cutting style. Buy the cheap paper plates, and then have a little fun turning them into the beauties that you’re really after.

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