Baby shower party ideas

Stray from the traditional baby showers and have a unique and practical celebration the expectant mother will very much appreciate.

Nursery Decorating Party:

Help the expectant parents get ready for baby by helping them with the job of decorating the nursery.

Its best not to make this party a surprise; while the parents might appreciate your efforts, they are undoubtedly excited about their new arrival and have their own ideas of how they want their new baby’s room to look. Let them in on it in advance, providing them with paint, fabric and furniture samples and design ideas for them to choose from.

Guests should be aware that they are coming over to work; tell them they will probably be painting, wall papering, hanging curtains and putting together furniture, and to dress accordingly. Make sure you plan well all the tools and supplies that will be needed, from drop cloths and paint brushes to a supply of tools for hanging shelves and assembling furniture.
Baby Shower Etiquette FAQ Baby shower party ideas
Once everything is well planned, set the day for a full force decorating attack. Provide guests with plenty of beer and sodas, pretzels, chips, and order pizzas to fuel them for the job ahead.

Expectant Mother Pampering Party:

Lavish attention on the expectant mother to give her a day of soothing, relaxing care.

This party especially goes over well for moms who already have children. You will want to create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation for this party: candles, incense, and soft music in the background. Have a huge, overstuffed, reclining chair for mother to relax in, and provide her with a new, soft nighty and robe to wear for the party. Guests may also want to bring small gifts for this purpose, such as luxurious lotions, perfume, or her favorite (decaf) coffee flavors.

The guests will be taking this time to dote on the expectant mother. Bring her some warm water in a basin and let her soak her feet. Have some lotions on hand for someone to provide a hand and foot massage, give her a manicure and pedicure and polish her nails for her. Have someone wash or just brush her hair for her, and give her a facial, or a new make-over (you may want to hire a cosmetologist to come in and do this for her).

Have all of her favorite foods and refreshments on hand (make sure to keep any dietary restrictions in mind) and don’t let her leave her seat for anything– bring everything directly to her. Let her completely relish in some heavy-duty pampering.

Sibling Shower:

Hold more of a traditional baby shower, aimed specifically at the future big brother or sister. Children will really appreciate the attention since mom and baby are probably getting more of it these days. In addition, it helps to prepare siblings for the new arrival and show them that they are still going to be an important part of the family.

Line up traditional baby shower games, such as guessing the baby food flavors or bottle sucking races, which the children will probably enjoy. Have people bring small gifts for the brother or sister to open that is something they will be able to do with the baby, or to help mom with. Some nice choices are: a book for them to read to the new baby, or a supply of diaper changing supplies in a bag for them to fetch for mom, or a squeaky toys they can use to distract and entertain the baby during bath time.

Have someone assemble a special album depicting the child’s birth or adoption, and present them with it to share with the guests. Allow everyone to tell the child how excited the family was when anticipating their arrival, and how wonderful it was watching them grow. Assure the future sibling that they always have been, and will always be, as loved as the new baby. Anyone who has any special stories to share about their experience with an older brother or sister should be encouraged to tell the child as well.

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