Baby shower hostess gift ideas

Inexpensive but gorgeous gift making ideas for baby showers using baskets and everyday baby items.

The anticipation of the arrival of a new child is one of the most glorious events in a new family’s life. The months ahead can be both nerve racking and exciting. However, preparation is the key. One good way to indulge the new parents with gifts for their new bundle of joy is to throw them a baby shower. A baby shower is a party that floods the parents to be with must have belongings for a new bundle of joy! Here, we will discuss hostess gift ideas that are fun and inexpensive!

Gift baskets have been an all time favorite with baby showers. Here, you can make your own gift basket and load them up with newborn trinkets and items rather than the store bought baskets that don’t contain as many items. It’s fun, and easy to make, but most of all it will be a personalized item made from the heart. You can purchase most of your items at your local discount store. For other baby items not found, you can go to local pharmacy for such items as baby toiletries and small toys or go to a children’s store for a wider selection. First, purchase a large wooden basket from the discount store or craft store. One with a wide, deep brim is suggested, in order to hold and display items neatly. Purchase various baby items such as newborn bottles, baby keys, pacifiers, wash clothes, small toys, bibs, receiving blankets, one piece underwear, and baby lotion, ointment, shampoo, and powder. These usually come individually packaged. You can mix and match and color coordinate as you wish. The bigger the basket the more items you want to use to pack the basket to securely hold them in place.
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For gender preferred gift baskets, you can purchase all the items all pink or blue. For non gender specific baskets you can purchase items in either green or yellow.

You may also want to purchase silk flowers and beads and other decorative items in order to add the finishing touches to the basket. You will also need a roll of cellophane in either clear or colored in order to finally wrap up your basket. And don’t forget a nice big bow!

First, take your basket and decorate the outside handle or sides of the basket with the flowers or beads or whatever items you’ve chosen to use to decorate it with. You should use a hot glue gun to place the flowers on the basket since hot glue dries clear, and it is a strong adhesive. Once you have all your items you will first have to line the bottom of the basket with the diapers. No need to be neat about it. Line the diapers all over the basket so the bottom is covered. Next, unpackage all the items if they are in cardboard boxes, but if they are shrink wrapped, you can leave them as is. Now you can arrange them in the basket as you like. Play around with them first trying to find the best presentable position and hold items in place with clear masking tape.

One tip with arrangement is to place bigger items in the back of the basket leaning them on the brim for security. Arrange items in size order by placing smaller items in front. For example, if you purchase receiving blankets or towels, fold them in half and roll them up tightly and line them up along the brim of the basket. Then, take your baby toiletries and line them up in front of the towels. Place toys in front of the toiletries and layer as needed. Place washcloths in the front. Roll them up as you did with the towels. For added support you can purchase Easter grass or shredded color paper to line and stuff between the items for support of the displayed items.

Open up the roll of cellophane and roll it out on a flat surface. Place the basket on top of the cellophane and without cutting it yet, pull up the sides so that you will have excess when you tie it up at the top. Leave about 10-12 inches excess to give that frilly, gathered look and enough space for you to gather up all the sides and place the bow. Then cut. Gather up each corner of the cellophane and lift up to the top of the handle of the basket and bunch up and tie with a rubber band. For the sides that was too short to gather, use clear masking tape to secure in place. Now place the bow over the rubber band. And there it is: your personalized gift basket!

Some items you can place in the basket are a baby scrap book. You can either purchase one from a children’s store or stationary store, or you can create your own with a plain photo album and cover the whole cover with fancy fabric first as your canvas and then decorate with different die cut outs that can be purchased at your local stationary office supply store. Use a felt tip pen and acid free paper so you can write out a personal message or personalize the inside pages. Use your creative imagination and you will have a special keepsake treasured for many years.

Another way to make the basket more distinct is to write the family name on the basket with colored markers on a flat surface basket, or with design glue or adhesive for a wicker or rugged edged basket from your local craft store. You can decorate the basket as you like so that the happy family can use the basket after all the goodies are removed.

As the hostess, your gift should stand out and be as memorable as the baby shower event itself. The family will be touched that besides arranging and planning their baby shower event, you’ve also managed to present them with a gorgeous memorable gift.

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