Anti Islamic Film, directed by a Adult Film Maker

The anti- Islamic film “Desert Warrior” which saw the Islamic world go ballistic and claimed the life of the US Ambassador to Libya and led to several anti US protests all over the world has been directed by a soft porn filmmaker, Alan Roberts.

Roberts, 65, was roped in by Sam Bacile , who has made films like “The Happy Hooker goes to Hollywood” and “Young Lady Chaterly” has reportedly claimed that he and the actors were duped by Bacile aka Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. It has been widely reported that Roberts is a non-political person and not anti Islamic. The film production is clearly shoddy and appears to have been made in a hurry. Reportedly the film was completed under the three months.
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During the dubbing sessions, Bascile allegedly changed the name of a character named “George” with Muhammad and went to great lengths to redub the entire movie itself. Roberts and the actors in the film are contemplating suing Bascile, who was picked up “voluntarily” from a Los Angeles residence and is being questioned presently.

The film’s promo which was uploaded on YouTube has had several thousand hits and this is when the trouble started. Protests erupted and then turned alarmingly bloody and violent, with the brunt of the anger being faced by US embassies in Libya, Yemen and other Islamic countries. While several countries have blocked this site, Google which owns You Tube has refused to remove this objectionable promo. Google even rejected a White House request to remove the trailer from its site.

Bascile, who has previous convictions of bank fraud, is being investigated for possible violation of the terms of his prison release. While it is clear that this film is anti Islamic, it still remains a mystery as to why this film was reportedly financed by over 100 Jews. It is the sinister thought process of the financers and the producer which sadly claimed the life of an outstanding diplomat leading President Barack Obama to condemn the film and also promise retribution for the killing of the Ambassador.

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