Alexa Chung Confronts Accusations She Is Too Thin

British presenter and model Alexa Chung has been forced to confront critics regarding her weight once again, as they continue to accuse her of being too thin.
Alexa has revealed she feels frustrated by those who judge her by her appearance and say she is too thin, insisting she has tried to gain weight, but she is naturally very thin.

In an interview with Fashionista, Alexa explained how she wishes people will stop speaking about how thin she is and concentrate on more important matters than women’s appearance: “I think it really sucks. I think it’s about time people stopped judging women on their appearance and more on their intellect. You can appreciate my style without having to appreciate my weight. It’s not actually mutually inclusive.”

Alexa Chung 239x300 Alexa Chung Confronts Accusations She Is Too Thin

Alexa Chung

Alexa, who has made a name for herself as a style icon to young girls and women both in the US and the UK, due to her fashion forward way of dressing, as well as her natural beautiful look, added: “I just get frustrated because, just because I exist in this shape, doesn’t mean that I’m advocating it and being like, ‘I look great’. How do you know I’m not looking in the mirror and going, ‘I wish I could gain 10lbs’? Which is actually quite often the case.”

Keen to reassure her fans that she eats healthy and has no problems such as an eating disorder which critics have suggested, Alexa stated: “It’s not like I’m starving myself, I’m not. At this point in time, maybe it will change when I get older, but due to stress factors and all that, this is my natural body shape.”

Meanwhile some critics have raised fears that Alexa, who was recently pictured with ‘shockingly’ thin legs, has become a pin-up girl for thinspiration websites. On hearing these claims Alexa, emphasised how she does not intend to give out a message to young girls that they should be as thin as her, admitting she is naturally slender, and she is healthy at her current size.

Article By Victoria Beckett

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