Advice on love letters: When to write them, who to write them to and how to write the letter appropriately

Etiquette for Writing a Love Letter: When, Who and How Is Appropriate

Writing love letters is an art form that is making a comeback! In this age of e mail and cell phones, more and more people are finding that nothing can beat a handwritten note or letter to express the importance of a relationship. Taking time to create a special memory shows the value one places on the relationship and provides the opportunity to openly discuss feelings and hopes for the future.

When do I write a love letter?
Well, the answer to this might vary somewhat, but basically, listen to your heart. If you are just starting a relationship, you may want to wait at least 4 months before laying your heart on the line. A love letter should reflect your feelings in a meaningful way. You want to make sure that the recipient of the letter will appreciate it and reciprocate the feelings expressed. If you are in a long term relationship or marriage, you should send a love letter once a month if you want to rekindle the flames or if your spouse or partner indicates a need for romance! Once every two months is fine also, so that the fun and excitement of receiving a love letter does not diminish. You can also send one on anniversaries and birthdays. Just make sure the contents of the letter reflect honest feelings, and talk about current time spent together and what it means to you.

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Etiquette for Writing a Love Letter

Who do I send a Love Letter too?
You want to send a romantic love letter to the object of your affection. You do not want to send it to someone you admire secretly, as this might scare them off and appear inappropriate for the level of the relationship. You want to send it to someone with whom you share a caring and committed relationship: a boyfriend/girlfriend, a fiancee’, or a spouse. You might be tempted to woo a new love or date with a love letter, but, when done correctly, a love letter expresses deeply felt emotions and should reflect a certain level of commitment. Make sure that you are sure of your feelings and of the recipient’s feelings as well. There is no greater disappointment and embarrassment than stating your feelings of love, and having it received with confusion and a sense of doubt.

How do I write and send a Love Letter:
A love letter should have a magical quality about it. Chances are the recipient will treasure this token for a lifetime, so you want it to reflect a seriousness and propriety that comes from centuries of heartfelt expressions on paper.

Chose beautiful paper and black ink for your letter. If you have terrible, illegible penmanship, find a Calligrapher to write it out for you, but chances are if you do your best, your lover will appreciate seeing your personal handwriting. Start the letter off with a statement about why you are taking pen in hand: you just had a special weekend together, you realize that you want to spend the rest of your life with this person, or you just woke up with a heart filled with emotion!

State three qualities about the person that makes them special in your heart. Tell them how you feel when you are together- and apart. End the note with a statement about your future hopes for the relationship, and seal it with a kiss.

For ladies, place a lipstick kiss at the end of your letter and give it a light mist of perfume. Gentlemen, apply a dab of cologne as well. Enclose a photo of the two of you, so that the reader may gaze at it while contemplating your words.

Place the letter and photograph in a matching envelope and seal it with wax for the special touch. Mail or hand deliver to their mailbox.

A love letter, when appropriate, will put a smile on your loved one face, and an extra beat to their heart. Its worth the time and effort to make a memory with the one you love.

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